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A specialised oil cooler is an important aspect of your car’s oil system, especially if you have a high-performance or downsized engine. Thankfully, you can trust the VPW range of oil coolers for sale. Our high-performance oil coolers and kits, made from strong, pressure-resistant aluminium, ensure adequate lubricant cooling while matching your engine’s operation requirements. We understand just how important a top-quality engine oil cooler is to keep your car operating smoothly for a long period of time. That’s why our assortment of coolers has something for everyone, with a vast variety to pick from. With low prices, trusted brands and unrivalled performance, we're confident you'll find precisely what you're looking for. Just browse through our oil system accessories to find what your car needs.

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When it comes to oil coolers, Australia’s number one store is VPW. It’s because our engine oil coolers are distinguished by their exceptionally dependable product quality and affordable pricing. Additionally, our thorough kits catalogue makes them all the more enticing. For instance, our oil cooler kits come complete with oil filters for an easy and convenient installation. Speaking of convenience, we also have individual parts available if you’re only looking to make a few changes here and there, like a fresh oil pan. As part of this selection, we also have oil pressure regulators, too, if you’re having issues with getting the perfect oil pressure. Even if you’re after something bigger, like an oil pump or pickup, you’ll find our range reliable, easy to install and super affordable.

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At VPW, we provide our clients with not just high-quality products, but also outstanding customer care service. And that’s what you’ll get when you grab your new oil cooler today!