Straighten Up & Fly Right With the Right Steering Parts

No matter how you slice it, steering components are essential to keeping your car in check. If your steering feels weak, perhaps its idler arms aren’t as strong as they once were. If your wheels just won’t track around corners or wherever they’re supposed to go, you need to replace your steering parts pronto. VPW has every steering system component imaginable, from steering wheel replacements to power steering pumps. You need only peruse our collection until you find the part you need.

Steering Components To Help Your Car Run Like a Dream

How do your car’s steering components accumulate wear and tear? Through general use or from particularly perilous conditions on the road. In any case, worn parts are part and parcel of car ownership, many requiring replacement throughout your car’s life. When it comes to car steering components, cohesion is key: all parts must work in harmony to ensure accurate steering and front-end geometry. This way, your car can stay in its lane and point towards your destination with the precision of a compass.

When To Replace Your Car’s Steering Components

So, how do you know when to switch over your car’s steering components? Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following:

1. Uneven Tyre Wear

Irregular or uneven tyre wear patterns, such as excessive wear on the inner or outer edges of the tyres, can indicate steering system issues. Worn or misaligned steering components can cause the wheels to be out of alignment, leading to uneven tyre wear and premature replacement.

2. Steering Wheel Play

Excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel is a standard indicator of worn steering components. If the steering wheel feels loose or has more movement than usual — especially when turning or driving over uneven surfaces — it could indicate wear in the steering linkage, tie rods or other steering parts.

3. Steering Wheel Vibrations

Vibrations or shaking felt in the steering wheel while driving can indicate worn or damaged steering components, such as ball joints, tie rod ends or bushings. These vibrations may worsen at higher speeds and affect steering precision and control.

4. Knocking or Clunking Sounds

Strange noises, such as knocking, clunking or rattling from the vehicle’s front end — particularly when turning or driving over bumps — may indicate worn or loose steering parts. Worn ball joints, tie rod ends or bushings can cause these noises, which you should address promptly to prevent further damage.

5. Fluid Leakage

Fluid leaks under the vehicle, particularly near the front wheels or steering components, may indicate a leak in the power steering system. Left unaddressed, leaking power steering fluid can lead to reduced steering performance and potential damage to the steering components.

Get the Steering Parts You Need at VPW

VPW is home to every steering system component imaginable and so much more — similar to universal joints, which you can use in many different contexts, some beyond the automotive realm. If you enjoy driving with power, we can find the power steering fittings fit for your vehicle. If your steering column and rack no longer connect, you can bring them back together with our steering couplings. Whatever you lack, you can count on VPW to provide a high-quality replacement. Shop our range today until you find the steering system component — or general car part — you’re looking for!

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