Give Your Bike A Much-Needed Upgrade With Our Premium Range of Bike Wheel Axles!

VPW is home to some of Australia's best-value bike wheel axles and replacement parts. This is because our bike axle replacements are made to last — they’re made with high-quality materials to ensure they can handle even the most challenging conditions you can ride. Plus, our motorcycle axle bolts ensure a dependable and secure connection between your axles and wheels for a stability you can rely on. It’s no surprise, given that these axle bolts are made from sturdy, heat-treated steel. Just like our bike wheel axles, they’re made to withstand the rigours of off-road adventures and fast riding.

Whether you need a new bike axle nut or are replacing the whole thing, you’ll find just what you need in our frames and components collection. Even better, you’ll get it all at great price, whether you need nuts and bolts or a complete axle upgrade.

VPW’s Bike Axle Replacements: Built to Last, Designed to Perform!

When developing our motorcycle axle collection, we focused on 4 key areas:

Superior Durability

Our axles are made to last thousands of kilometres, even on rough terrain or tough tracks.

Secure Connection

Since your motorcycle axle connects your axle to the wheel, you want something that gives you a reliable and solid connection. And that’s what you’ll get with VPW. Our options are made to handle even the most aggressive of riders.

Precise Fit

With a focus on universal and model-specific options, we want to ensure that your new motorcycle wheel axles will perfectly fit your bike. That’s why our range is so extensive, ensuring you’ll find not just a great fit, but a whole host of options to choose from.

Easy Replacement

Why make things complicated when they don’t have to be? That’s why we’ve endeavoured to make it simple to replace your axles, bolts and nuts with our range. This way, you can get back to riding all the sooner.

Find Other Great Replacement Parts & Products at VPW

If other parts of your bike are due for replacement or you’re looking to get more out of them, be sure to explore our full online store. We’ve got everything you need from brackets and clamps to keep hoses and cables tidy to fresh tyres and brake parts. You’ll even find durable frames to start that next build or restoration project. Similarly, we’ve got plenty of swing arms to help keep things moving along. We even have kickstands so you can park your bike safely and securely, no matter where you go.

Buy Your Bike Axle Parts, From Nuts to Bolts, at VPW Now!

For a ride that can’t be beat, make sure you’re using axle parts from VPW. Get yours delivered to your door ASAP.

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