Harley-Davidson motorcycle handlebars

Your handlebars are more than just the mechanism to steer your motorcycle. Your safety and ability to control your ride hinge on your steering and the parts housed within. Even the grips are essential as the vibrations from your engine are going to reverberate through them.

Your steering mechanism also houses the bike controls, with all your instruments mounted on your handlebars. Whether you are looking to upgrade or customise your ride, or need replacement parts for broken or failed components, VPW has everything you need from all the most reputable manufacturers.

Custom motorcycle handlebars

VPW is Australia's distributor for Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts, including their wide range of custom handlebars to suit Harley-Davidson bikes and other machines.

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts has been a leader in customised parts and components for almost four decades. Their exclusive range is recognised globally for its craftsmanship, and new products are being added regularly.

You can choose options that suit your style and requirements. These Chopper handlebars come packed with a range of features, including:

  • Dimpled switch areas so you can install controls from any year
  • Ridged riser areas for greater traction and reduced slippage
  • Pre-drilled and ready to house all your internal wirings

When you are in the market for Harley-Davidson parts, you can be assured of quality replacements made from the best materials in our range.

Motorbike handlebar risers

Not every rider wants their handles in the default setting. To have the best handling on your ride, you want to be able to shift their position to suit your stance in the saddle.

These risers allow you to change the location of your steering quickly and easily. We stock a range that will allow you to customise your ride to your liking. This is also an important safety feature as the position of your bars is going to impact your centre of gravity and keep the bike stable while you’re riding. If you feel discomfort with your ride, then we have riser kits available that will allow you to customise your motorbike to your specific needs.

Replacement controls

Parts can fail over time, and it is essential they are quickly replaced for your safety. VPW stocks a complete range of controls, including:

  • Brake levers
  • Twist throttles
  • Ignitions
  • Kill switches
  • Grips
  • Start buttons
  • Clutch levers
  • Headlight controls
  • Blinkers
  • Bushings
  • Horn assemblies
  • Shift pedals
  • Gauge assemblies and much more.

If you do not see what you need listed here, give us a call at VPW on 1300 879 879

and our expert team will source it for you.

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