Your Search for Quality Car Cylinder Head Gaskets Ends Here

VPW is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of state-of-the-art cylinder head gasket replacements and kits. With such a wide selection of gaskets, you’ll find custom head gaskets to suit your car so you can get that speed and power you’ve been dreaming of.

Which Will You Buy?

Our huge range of 4 head cylinder gaskets and other cylinder head gaskets features brands you know and love, like Proflow, RHS and GM Performance. Further, we have many gaskets that are specifically designed for popular makes and models of cars to make it easy to pick out the right one for your car. Plus, all our cylinder head gaskets are available at amazing prices.

Every Gasket You Could Ask For

While we take great pride in our collection of cylinder gasket heads, they aren’t the only gaskets we have on offer. In fact, our extensive selection covers just about all your car’s possible gasket needs. For instance, you can service your air cleaner and increase its performance with our air cleaner gaskets. Or if it’s a case of a leaking differential, we have differential gaskets that will ensure oil stays where it needs to be, providing sufficient lubrication. Other leaks can be solved with a fresh intake manifold gasket too. Customers who are looking for improved performance swear by our carburettor gaskets, while those looking to get rid of unpleasant exhaust smells choose our exhaust gaskets. Finally, if you’re a DIY go-getter, or just need a quick replacement, you can’t go past our gasket sheets.

Shop VPW Today

As you can see, VPW is the place to go when it comes to your gasket needs. Not to mention we are constantly updating our product list with high-quality, world-class components and products, so our customers get that full VPW experience, whatever they’re after. Find out for yourself why we’re popular and get your head gaskets now.

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