Pick the Perfect Radiator Cap for Your Car

A radiator cap might be a small part to look at, but it performs many crucial functions within your automotive’s radiator, including keeping the coolant within the vehicle’s cooling system, maintaining the pressure in it and raising the boiling point of the coolant. Different car radiator caps are suitable for different cooling systems, based on the pressure requirements, hence it is important to find one that matches the factory specifications of your car.

A high-pressure radiator cap is an incredibly important component to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently and, at VPW Australia, we stock a wide range for you to choose from, across a plethora of brands, all at reasonable prices. Whether you want a generic replacement for your car’s radiator cap, or want to spruce up your custom cooling system with a custom radiator cap, we have you covered.

Other Similar Products

The radiator cap is an important part of a car’s cooling system, but it is just one component within a complex system. A radiator filler neck helps to replenish coolant in the system to keep it running efficiently. When the pressure exceeds a certain limit in the cooling system, the radiator cap releases some of the heated coolant into a radiator overflow tank. Controlling the flow of coolant is an important process to keep your car running, and a radiator hose kit is another component that helps with this, by directing coolant to flow from the water pump to the engine.

At VPW, we have extensive stock and options to choose from when it comes to all these products and more. Whether you want to replace an existing part or build your car from scratch, VPW can help.

Why Choose VPW?

VPW is an Australian company, and we stock a wide variety of parts and components for cars and motorcycles. Whether you need radiator caps, or any other part to keep your vehicle running smoothly, we have affordable options to choose from to match your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 1300 879 879, and one of our professionals would be happy to help you out.

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