Get the Best Car Crankshafts at VPW

The crankshaft is the backbone of your car's internal combustion engine. It's responsible for converting linear to rotational motion, delivering power from the engine to the wheels. Unfortunately, this means they’re constantly exposed to high stress levels. That's why it's crucial to find crankshafts that are durable and have great wear resistance, so you can ensure a robust and long-lasting engine.

At VPW, you'll find a wide selection of high-strength crankshafts suited for popular engine platforms. All our crankshafts are crafted with superior quality to withstand pressure and boost your engine's performance. Find everything you need here, from piston rings to accessory drives and pulleys. Check out our high-performance aftermarket parts now!

A Selection of High-Performance Crankshaft

We provide top-of-the-line crankshafts and peripheral components with superb finish and reliability from the most-trusted brands.

Cast Crankshaft

If you're looking for an affordable crankshaft that gives good performance for everyday use, then a cast crankshaft is right for you. These crankshafts have been around for such a long time. That's why you'll typically find them in older engine models, as well as diesel and petrol engines. Cast crankshafts generally are made of either iron or steel. Iron is the default crankshaft material used in new engines, while steel is more robust and durable.

The casting process is relatively inexpensive, that's why you'll get these crankshafts at a more economical price.

Forged Crankshaft

Because forged crankshafts are comparatively stronger and more durable, they're perfect for highly modified engines and most race applications.

These crankshafts are made from a solid, high-grade steel bar, then carved and machined into the final crankshaft shape. The machining process makes forged crankshafts the most robust ones and perfect for working with lots of power.

Billet Crankshaft

Billet crankshafts are the premium car engine crankshafts and just what you need if you only want the best for your car.

Generally, 4340 steel is used to manufacture billet cranks. This consists of a mix of nickel, chromium, aluminium and molybdenum, amongst other elements. This will be machined out to achieve the optimum strength, finish and metal grain flow needed for the billet cranks. In addition, this material provides the lowest crankshaft machining time and requires minimal balancing due to its uniform makeup.

Get the Aftermarket Parts You Need at VPW

Discover a wide selection of high-performance aftermarket parts! VPW is a trusted and leading supplier of quality automotive aftermarket products. We've got everything you need. For instance, check out our range of alternator brackets designed to handle high torque and vibration. On the topic of vibration, our balancers and dampers will help manage vibration from your crankshaft and protect your engine. And if you’re all about speed and have an air-injection system, you have to get our block-off plates for improved performance.

Shop High-Quality Engine Crankshaft

Find the best aftermarket crankshafts in Australia here at VPW! Being one of the leading suppliers of aftermarket auto products, we do our best to give you a full line of high-performance car parts and supplies. Our crankshafts are all from industry-leading brands, made with high-quality materials, and undergo strict quality control to ensure you get the strength and performance your car needs. Buy crankshafts at VPW now!

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