The Best Piston Ring Suppliers in Australia

Piston rings are a crucial part of your car’s engine as they provide a seal for oil and help create compression and power in the cylinder bore of the block. They are vital for avoiding damage to the engine, including the engine block, and ensuring maximum power output. However, because they constantly endure stress, they are very prone to wear and tear.

Luckily, at VPW, we want to ensure you'll get the best value for your money. Our range of custom piston rings is crafted from high-quality materials, so you can experience the quality and performance you want at an affordable price. This is a VPW guarantee for all products, from accessory drives to pulleys. So browse our selection now!

A Wide Collection of Piston Rings and Accessories

VPW's range is designed to withstand the pressure of high RPM engines. Find piston rings in all popular bore sizes and ring configurations in our store.

The Compression Ring

The compression ring is the topmost ring in the piston attached to its outside diameter. Its primary role is to seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder walls, holding back most combustion gases. This piston ring also dissipates the heat from the piston to the cylinder wall.

The Scraper Ring (Middle Piston Ring)

The scraper ring is an all-around piston ring, functioning as both the compression and oil control. It helps seal the combustion chamber from the crankcase and guide the engine oil back down to the crankcase.

The Oil Control Ring

The oil control ring disperses and regulates the oil on the cylinder wall and scrapes the oil back down to your engine's crankcase. This will ensure your cylinder wall will always be coated with a thin, cooler oil film from the crankcase, reducing the friction between the piston and the cylinder, while regulating heat.

Get the Aftermarket Parts You Need at VPW

VPW proudly carries a wide selection of automotive aftermarket parts! We have long been a trusted and leading retailer of aftermarket automotive products in Australia. Find the components you need at amazing prices. For instance, ensure your engine is in top condition with our balancers and dampers. Our block-off plates will also ensure that you get the most out of your air-injection system, while our alternator brackets are just the thing to handle the torque and vibration from that super-powered engine.

Shop High-Quality Piston Rings

Are you looking for a piston ring supplier for your car’s engine? Shop high-performance piston rings in Australia at VPW today!

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