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Properly maintaining your car extends its life and keeps you safe while driving, even when it comes to small parts like fuel and water temperature gauges. In fact, your autometer, oil pressure gauges, and other gauges and components play a vital role every time you drive, especially for racing and performance driving. These gauges keep you informed about your car’s vital components, so you'll know about any issues as soon as they arise. This means a broken gauge may leave you in the dark about problems your car might be experiencing. Unfortunately, the longer it takes you to spot and resolve an issue, the worse and more costly it is likely to be.

VPW has a huge selection of quality aftermarket gauges and gauge adapters to help you keep track of and maintain your car's health. Whether digital or analog, mechanical or electrical, you'll find an extensive range of aftermarket automotive gauges that will suit your car’s needs.

Fuel Gauges

Always know exactly how much is in the tank with a reliable fuel gauge. At VPW, we have a range of top-quality fuel gauges to suit many popular makes and models of cars.

Temperature Gauge

With a temperature gauge, you’ll know the temperature of your engine and its other vital components. This can give you a warning if something's not properly functioning. This gauge also prevents your car from overheating by warning you if your engine is outside the normal temperature range.

Oil Pressure Gauge

The oil pressure gauge lets you know if the oil pressure is sufficient to keep your engine running smoothly. Oil pressure gives proper lubrication to your engine, helping it to run more efficiently and last longer. The higher your engine's oil pressure is, the better. Concurrently, if the pressure suddenly drops, it's better to shut off the engine immediately to prevent further engine damage.

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge tracks the pressure of a certain liquid or gas fluid in your engine. There are various types of pressure gauges to help you monitor your vehicle's performance. These include air, water, boost and brake pressure gauges, to name a few. At VPW, we also offer pressure gauge components, just in case you ever need to replace part of your gauge. If you really want to know the ins and outs of your vehicle as you drive, you’ll need to keep on top of these gauges.

Water Temperature Gauge

A water temperature gauge measures the temperature of the circulated water inside your car's engine. This water is routed through the radiator and several other components of the engine by the water pump. Generally, a water temperature gauge lets you know when a cooling system issue has occurred: a leaking radiator, malfunctioning fan, or a blown water hose.

Find High-Quality Autometer Gauges & More in Australia With International Delivery

VPW features a wide collection of autometer gauges to keep your vehicle's engine up and running! Find gauges, adaptors and components, including react gauge components and universal gauges, at VPW. Plus, we stock other high-quality car parts and accessories, including performance parts, warning lights and mounting cups, which are used to mount various accessories such as lights, mirrors and antennas. It should be noted that warning lights are very important, as they alert you to potential problems such as abnormally high or low fuel pressure. Luckily, we stock those too!

Australia's Trusted Supplier of Car Parts

A leader in aftermarket auto parts in Australia, VPW continuously works hard to give you top-quality automotive products from the most trusted brands. This is how our team has attained a reputation for quality products reliably distributed globally. Despite our global success, providing a full range of quality products and top-notch customer service to all our customers remains our priority.

Need help choosing the right gauge or accessory for your car? Don't hesitate to ask us. Our friendly staff has the extensive technical knowledge to assist you with whatever you need. So shop our gauges now to keep your vehicle's health in check.

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