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The best auto meter gauges in Australia

The faster your push yourself and your vehicle, the more critical it becomes to monitor every aspect of your machine. The gauges in your car will provide you with all the data you need to finetune your race vehicle and get the most out of your engine’s components, such as your turbo. VPW has the best aftermarket solutions for all styles of racing.

Why choose aftermarket car gauges?

Stock meters for cars are limited in what they are going to show you. Performance vehicles have specialised needs, so aftermarket solutions are required.

The VPW range has been sourced from industry-leading manufacturers and provides all of the information you need to extract the most from your vehicle. The three primary readings needed in all cars with turbochargers include:

  • Boost/ PSI/ Vacuum: If you run too much boost, you run the risk of damage and piston failure, so it is essential to have a real-time measurement on your dash. These will also help you identify leaks and any other abnormalities with your boost. There are digital and analogue options available, which each have their own benefits:
    • Analogue boost: The reading you get comes from a vacuum hose that needs to be routed into the intake. This will provide a reliable measurement of boost PSI, but it also means an additional hose that can fail.
    • Digital boost: You can avoid using a hose by installing a sending unit to the boost source, which will send a signal to a digital readout. This is a more reliable solution, but it does take up extra space.
  • Oil pressure: This provides more than just oil pressure readings – it is a quick and easy way to check your engine's wellbeing. It also acts as an early warning device if something is about to go wrong. Mechanical and electric options are available, each working in a different way to generate your readings.
    • Electric: A sensor is installed in the engine bay, with a wire leading to the gauge to send the information.
    • Mechanical: This requires tubing to be installed directly from the engine bay to the dash, with the physical connection causing the needle to move.
  • Air/ fuel ratio: This is the most crucial reading for a turbocharged vehicle used for tuning, identifying exhaust leaks and weak points in the powerband. To get the most out of your turbo, you will need an air/ fuel ratio gauge option from a reputable manufacturer.

Australia’s trusted supplier of car parts

VPW stocks a wide range of sensors, including water temperature, fuel level and multi-purpose options that deliver different readings on the same face. Browse our range today and find the right choice for you, engineered by the best in the business.

We also stock the full range of gauge accessories, including gauge mounting kits and shift and warning lights. Browse through our range – and if there is anything you cannot find, call our expert team on 1300 879 879. We will be happy to help.

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