EFI systems for power and control

Motoring enthusiasts spend a lot of time on their vehicles. Often the focus is on the mechanical side of things, and we can spend many hours under the hood tinkering with all aspects of our performance vehicles. Aesthetics – inside and out – is always important. Your vehicle's technological aspect is just as important, and choosing the suitable Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system will prove critical to your performance.

There are enormous benefits to be gained by switching from a carburetted engine to an EFI-equipped model, as the latter comes saddled with a lot more power and torque out of the box. You will also enjoy greater fuel efficiencies, which will reduce your expenses and the wear and tear on your injectors, pump and other vital components. The sensors and computer in your EFI system will optimise your air/flow ratio and ignition timing. They will automatically compensate for a range of factors to deliver superior performance.

This means you will get better reliability and efficiency all-around in your engine, as you won’t be getting problems caused by below-par air/flow ratios. Choosing a quality aftermarket EFI system from our range will save you time spent tinkering with your vehicle. While carburettors need constant adjustments, your EFI system will manage this on the fly for you. Eliminating the carbie also means that it is a significant component that doesn’t need to be serviced, maintained, and replaced over time.

You can say goodbye to difficulty starting your vehicle on extremely hot or cold days as these automated systems will make the proper adjustments for easy starting. We stock the latest technologies and innovations in aftermarket electronic fuel management solutions that will deliver all these benefits and more.

Parts and accessories for the best results

To get the most out of your fuel system, you need the right parts for the job. We have a full range of aftermarket options that have been specifically designed for performance, including:

  • Fuel pressure regulators: Using your regulator in tandem with your EFI system, you can achieve power boosts in your vehicle and more extraordinary engine performance.
  • Flow control valves: Oxygen is just as crucial for your performance as fuel. These aftermarket valves will ensure you are getting the correct airflow in your engine block.
  • Fuel rail parts: To get the right volume of pressurised petrol to your injectors, you need quality rails. We have the best aftermarket options on the market.
  • Fuel tanks: You will get the most durable options available in our range, designed to be anti-corrosive and rustproof and built to minimise the risk of leaks in the future.

Whatever your car needs are, our team is here to assist. We have the most extensive range of aftermarket parts in Australia and genuine enthusiasts on deck to help you with around-the-clock support.

Call us on 1300 879 879 and speak with our experts today.

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