Shop Throttle Cable Kits for Peak Performance

If you’re having trouble getting your gears to engage, your clutch pedal isn’t moving quite right or you’re just not getting the usual performance you’ve come to expect from your car, it could be time for a new throttle cable. Tasked with translating your pedal movements to your car’s engine, your throttle cable has to be hard wearing, but even the most durable of cables deteriorate, strain, fray, and even snap over time. When that time comes, though, you can count on VPW.

If you’re looking to repair, replace or upgrade your car’s fuel and air system, you’ll find plenty to choose from at VPW, including quality aftermarket universal throttle cables and more. Made from quality stainless steel and braided for extra strength and durability, our throttle cables offer excellent value at an awesome price.

Create Your Own or Shop Our Ready-Made Throttle Cable Kits

Get maximum convenience while you’re looking at car throttle cables and explore our options for throttle cable kits. These kits have everything you need to install your new cable easily. But if you’re looking for even better value, don’t forget to check out our full throttle range. Grab some throttle cable brackets and linkages to set up your throttle cable just how you want and even do your own cable conversion. We also have plenty of throttle bodies and components if you’re looking to do more of an overhaul to get a faster response and better performance from your car’s throttle.

Get Our Engine Revving Again With Our Throttle Cables!

Don’t let a worn-out throttle cable ruin your car’s performance, whether it’s on your commute or on the track. Grab some fresh throttle cable — or a handy throttle cable kit — from VPW today and get back into action.