Performance-boosting muffler and resonators

Many people like to upgrade their exhaust first thing, so they can provide gains by removing fumes more efficiently. This could mean increasing the diameter or adding a dual option to reduce restriction in the combustion process. This also allows for better airflow, translating to better performance in any vehicle. 

As factory options are usually the standard S type, they will absorb a lot of noise, while gun barrel straight exhausts – especially wider ones – will generate a lot of noise. You are essentially trading noise reduction for performance, but there are selections available that will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

That is where mufflers and resonators come into play. A good muffler is not only going to limit the noise, but it is going to provide greater performance for a much more affordable price point, and it can be used with resonators for a vehicle that performs better and sounds and looks great.

What is the difference between a muffler and a resonator?

The difference between the two is that a muffler will reduce the volume of your vehicle, while a resonator is going to change the tone to be more pleasant to the ear. Combine the two for optimal results.

By having the right combination of a quality exhaust to control the output of gas, a high-standard muffler to limit the noise and a resonator to tune your car's sound to your liking, you will get the perfect blend of power, efficiency and customisation for your ride.

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VPW stocks a wide range of exhausts, mufflers and resonators to suit a raft of different makes and models of vehicles from the classics, the late model cars. These are all available from the industry's best manufacturers and can be shipped directly to your home or mechanic.

We also offer the full range of accessories and components to go with your system, including:

Cat back systems: This is an attachment for your exhaust system that can deliver enormous horsepower gains when used in tandem with an air intake, along with a performance chip or power programmer. 

Piping: Made from tough stainless steel, our piping is available in different options to suit your needs, including outside diameter and bend radius measurements for your make and model. Heavy-duty and highly resistant to corrosive agents.

Insulation: A wide range of protective gear that will ensure that your exhaust system and all other parts and components are protected from excess heat as well as fire and damage caused by chemicals, fluids and oils. 

Headers: One of the simplest modifications you can make to get more out of your vehicle. These bolt-on headers make it easier for your engine to push out fumes and eliminate back pressure that causes resistance against your pistons.

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