Aftermarket motorcycle gas tanks

Motorcycle fuel containers are important, and stock models often aren't up to the task when you are looking for reliability and longevity. We stock aftermarket options that have been engineered to resist wear, fit your machine perfectly and stand up to all the rigours you can throw at them.

We only stock options from the industry-leading manufacturers, with guarantees and warranties on all of the motorcycle parts and components that we sell. You will only get the highest quality with VPW, so you can be assured that your fuel system won’t let you down.

When should I replace my motorcycle's fuel container?

Many fuel tanks on the classics like Harley Davidson's are made from metal, which means that they will rust and corrode over time – eventually failing. Aside from gas leaks, rust in your tank can cause a range of issues. When this rust escapes it can get into your fuel lines and injectors, which will cause the engine to run hot as it is not getting the correct ratio of fuel and air.

If you see signs of corrosion and rust, it is time to replace your tank with a high-quality alternative that will last the distance. When you go to remove it, you should also inspect the straps and bolts to see if there is any sign of corrosion on those. If there is any existing rust when you put your new replacement on, this will expand and rapidly rust, too. 

It is essential to have your replacement tank pressure tested and pre-mounted on your frame to ensure that it will be compatible with your motorcycle model. When you are ready to install, we have all the accessories available that will help you easily attach these tanks to your machine.

Full range of accessories for your motorbike fuel tank

We have the highest quality accessories to suit all makes and models of motorcycles, from the classics to modern machines. Browse our range for the best gas caps, knee pads, brackets with bolts, mounting kits, fuel valves and much more.

We also stock the best quality motorcycle parts and accessories, including:

Air cleaners: When you want the best filters to protect your engine from dirt, dust and other contaminants, we stock the most advanced aftermarket options from the most recognised and reputable brands in the industry.

Engines: Complete replacements or upgrades depending on your project. Bring your Harley Davidson project to life with our options, including Shovelhead and Ultima.

Frames: If your motorbike has seen better days, we have brand new frames from industry-leading manufacturers that will ensure all of your mechanical components are ideally encased.

Forks: If you are noticing signs of wear and fatigue on your forks or you want to upgrade to better technologies for improved handling, acceleration and braking, we have you covered.

We are your online custom bike shop with all the parts, accessories and kits you need to build your dream machine, restore a classic or turn your stock model into a performance beast.

Please browse our range. For more information, you can call our expert team on 1300 879 879.

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