Stay on Top of Critical Info With VPW’s Temperature Gauges

A quality temperature gauge keeps you in the loop of what’s happening inside your car. Along with oil pressure gauges, your car temperature gauge will help you limit damage to your car’s engine, saving you time and money. For something so small, it has a huge responsibility to carry.

Drive With Peace of Mind, Thanks to Our Digital Temperature Gauges

Even when the driving is hotting up, you want things to be cool when it comes to your engine. And if that water or oil temperature gauge starts to tick over into the red, it’s time to stop and sort the problem out. Of course, that’s assuming they’re working as they should.

Over time, though, they wear out — just like any other part of your car. This is when a replacement gauge is a necessity. Alternatively, you may just want to treat yourself (and your car) to an upgrade, moving from an old-fashioned analogue water temperature gauge to a digital temperature gauge for your car. Whatever the reason, VPW has you sorted.

With a wide range of both analogue and digital temperature gauges to choose from, you can be sure that your car is cruising along fine, even in the toughest of conditions. We’re proud to bring you an extensive selection of quality and affordable gauges, including one of the best ranges of Autometer gauges in Australia. Autometer and their gauges, after all, have been an industry leader for performance cars for decades. But if an Autometer water temperature gauge or similar isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We also have plenty of other brands represented, with options from B&M, Dakota Digital and more.

Make Sure Your Car Can Handle the Pressure Too

Pressure gauge components can start to give up the ghost too, just like their temperature-measuring cousins. But, if you’re in this boat, we’ve got you covered also. Across our oil pressure gauge range, you’ll find the same high standard of products made for everyday driving and competitive racing. You’ll even be able to find an Autometer oil temp gauge to match your pressure gauge for water.

Shop Quality Autometer Gauges & More Now

From oil temp gauges to water temp gauges, VPW boasts many accurate temperature gauges for a range of driving disciplines. If you also need a fuel gauge, we’ve got you covered there too. Whatever auto part you’re after, be sure to check out our online store! At VPW, we have multiple ranges of automotive parts fit for every purpose.

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