A Wide Range of Brake Hardware Kits

Are you looking for a brake hardware kit for a disc brake replacement or upgrade? VPW offers a comprehensive collection of high-grade hardware kits to suit your vehicle. Offering the exact likeness in both design and production, our aftermarket disc brake kits can give you the same or even better quality and performance than your original OEM hardware.

Our high-quality range of disc brake hardware kits is versatile, which means they can quickly adapt to the braking requirements and style preferences of a daily driver, or competitive and show-stopping drivers. Explore our best brake hardware kits for a more powerful performance.

AERO4 Big Brake Rear Kits

Replicate your original factory disc brake’s performance with our AERO4 big brake rear kits! These big brake kits use oversized brake pads and callipers for maximum braking capacity. Plus, they improve your vehicle's stability when braking. These hardware kits are also compatible with OEM parking brake assemblies for late-model performance vehicles.

AERO6 Big Brake Front Kits

Get maximum capacity braking with our AERO6 Big Brake front brake kits. With premium-grade, oversized rotors, this front brake hardware kit can enhance the look and performance of your heavy-weight and extreme-duty vehicles. Designed for show, street and track cars, as well as off-road WD and trucks, you're guaranteed to experience heavy-duty stopping power!

Carbon Rear Brake Kits

Weighing less than 6.8kg for a 38cm (11 inches) kit, our carbon drag brake kits are the lightest drag racing brake kits on the market! And they deliver incomparable braking power and efficiency. These rear disc brake hardware kits are made of a proprietary blend of carbon fibre mixed with carbon matrix, making it immune to common damages such as thermal shock — an issue that causes cast iron and steel rotors to warp. So instead, what you'll get is a range of powerful drag racing brakes that can withstand extreme temperatures from speeding and sudden braking. This also means no rotor warpage or pulsation when braking and no brake fade.

Classic Series Dynalite

Deliver consistent braking power for your classic cars with the Classic Series Dynalite front brake kits! Combining technology and style, Wilwood’s premium Dynalite callipers provide stronger, more reliable clamping power that outperforms the more common types within the same calliper size.

Combination Parking Brake Calliper 1Pc Rotor Rear B

Our combination parking brake callipers draw power from hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder for braking power, plus feature an internal mechanical lock within the calliper for a parking brake. These brake callipers are built primarily for select rear-wheel drive axles that are not well suited for internal shoe style parking brakes.

Get the Aftermarket Parts You Need at VPW

As one of the best suppliers of aftermarket automotive products, we do our best to give you a full line of top-rated car parts and supplies from Australia's most trusted brands! This includes a wide range of brake system components for easier, more convenient and safer driving.

Shop High-Quality Aftermarket Brake Hardware Kits Online

Find the best aftermarket brake hardware kits here at VPW! You'll be amazed by the premium quality of our products, which ultimately result in superior performance for your car. So shop our brake kits now for a reliable and powerful brake system!

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