Get Secure Protection With Carbon Fibre Helmets

Shopping for a new helmet? Don’t settle for cheap subpar helmets just to save a few bucks. Safety should be your number one priority. VPW carries a wide range of carbon fibre helmets offering superior protection and comfort at great prices!

What Makes Carbon Fibre Helmets the Best?

With their lightness and tensile strength, it’s no secret that carbon fibre helmets are the cream of the crop. Because of its rigid properties, carbon fibre easily gives the best performance in high-speed impacts. That’s why it’s the go-to material for all MotoGP and race car helmets. Moreover, they offer the best shock deflection, with shock being distributed across the surface instead of staying at a centralised impact area. Even though they’re lightweight, they are much sturdier than your standard helmet. Plus, if you’re after a supercool look, not only do they look swanky with embossed patterns, but they have better scratch resistance too.

A Wide Range of Quality Helmets and Accessories

Discover a comprehensive range of high-quality helmets at VPW! For example, we’ve got composite helmets, which also provide great flexibility under impact. You’ll also find a range of fantastic helmet brands, such as Nitro helmets and G-FORCE REVO helmets in our catalogue! That’s not all though. We’ve also got helmet accessories to make your helmet more comfortable and better suit your needs, such as helmet socks, shields, fit pads and more!

VPW is one of the leading suppliers of quality automotive aftermarket products in Australia. So, whether you need replacement parts or racewear, you can trust VPW!

Shop High-Performance Carbon Fibre Helmets Australia

Find robust and reliable carbon fibre helmets for sale here at VPW! Our carbon fibre helmet offers superior protection in accidents, and against knock and scratches. Plus, the lightweight material makes long drives more comfortable. Its flexibility also allows for awesome designs and textures for extra cool points. What else can you ask for? So shop the best carbon fibre helmets here at VPW, and get the best in comfort and protection!

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