High-Quality Proportioning & Pressure Valves to Boost Your Car's Braking Performance!

Brake proportioning and pressure valves are an integral part of your car's intricate and complex braking system. They play a crucial role in boosting your car's braking performance. So, knowing how your brake proportioning valve works, including how to get more out of it with special accessories, can help you get the performance you’re after from your car. And a great first place to start is to look at replacing or upgrading your pressure and proportioning valves with options from VPW!

Explore Adjustable Proportioning Valves & More at VPW!

Your pressure and proportioning valves help your brake system properly function. Even better, with improved or better suited options you can also get better performance from your brakes and car overall. This is why you’ll find that our selection of brake proportioning valves and residual pressure valves is so extensive. For instance, we have brake residual pressure valves that can ensure there’s always a little pressure in your brake lines for faster, more effective braking when you’re on the track. At the same time we have residual pressure valves that reduce brake drag when you’re trying to beat your top time. We even have knob-style proportioning valves that allow you to adjust PSI and pressure quickly to handle a variety of track conditions or tyre sizes. These adjustable brake proportioning valves are great if you’re really serious about your car and its performance.

Need a Proportioning or Pressure Valve for Your Car?

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. When it comes to your car’s braking system, a few tweaks to a valve here or there can optimise your car’s performance and help you achieve your goals. Of course, you’ll want a pressure or proportioning valve you can trust — that’s why there’s VPW. So, be sure to get your pressure and brake proportioning valve from us today!