Looking for a Nitrous Kit That Makes a Big Impact?

Nitrous oxide systems in Australia are more popular than you might think, and not only because of the Fast and Furious franchise. Drag racers have been using systems like a nitrous kit or nitrous jet kit for decades to improve their performance on the track, affording drivers greater speed and more power. You do not have to have the latest model or a big car to reap the rewards of a nitrous oxide system injection either.

Find the Best Nitrous System for You & Your Car

It's important to know that not all nitrous kits are the same, and you need to take the time to find the right one for your vehicle. There are plenty of nitrous oxide systems for sale, and the team at VPW will help ensure you find the perfect right. At VPW, we are the experts with a range of kits and systems available for your car, including nitrous plate systems. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a diesel system, then we have that covered too. No matter what type of kit or system you need — from EFI to nozzle — VPW will help you find the best nitrous system for you, offering economical and safe kits to modify the performance of your car.

VPW Is Australia’s Top Choice for Car Parts & More

No matter what type of nitrous jet kit you need, VPW has the range to help you achieve your goals. Offering a full product range of nitrous kits in Australia, including direct port options to offer you the closest match to your injectors, it’s no secret that VPW is Australia’s top choice for engine performance. With experts on hand ready to help you find the perfect nitrous solution for your vehicle, don’t wait to discuss your needs with the team.

Poor quality and ill-fitted nitrous oxide systems have the potential to cause irreparable harm to your vehicle. The team of automotive professionals at VPW will help you select, fit and test the right system for your make and model, exploring our full range from Ecoboost Plate to EFI, eliminating risk to your vehicle.

Discover the Power of Nitrous Plate Systems & More

Nothing beats hearing and feeling the power of a quality nitrous oxide system, so get your car performing at a high standard with VPW.

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