Discover the Many Uses of Engine Assembly Lube for Yourself!

If you’re otherwise unfamiliar, engine assembly lube is a super handy and multi-functional tool for every stage of an engine’s life. Engine assembly lube is formulated to cling to engine parts during engine building, protect the engine against wear during start up and prevent clogging while the engine is running. It inhibits scuffing, scoring, galling and seizing, and hinders the development of rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt engines. It is exactly what you need for your racing, performance or other four-stroke engine. Make sure to add it to your collection of oils and additives.

Why Do You Need Assembly Lube for Engine Building?

If you are building an engine, this product is absolutely essential. The process of engine building can take anywhere from a few days to several months, and this is why you need a protective lube that will adhere well to metal surfaces for extended periods of time. Furthermore, if your engine is going to be sitting partially assembled in the garage for a while, moisture and oxygen could easily form rust on the exposed material. You can prevent this by applying high-quality assembly lube.

When it comes to initial startup, keep in mind that engines operate momentarily with little-to-no oil pressure. This puts critical parts such as camshaft lobes, lifters, rocker arms and bearings at significant risk of wear and even failure. Thankfully, engine assembly lube can help with this too, containing substantial levels of antiwear additives. While all assembly lubes are great, some grease-based versions can contribute to the risk of oil clogging if the grease is not substantially consumed at initial startup. This can cause engine failure. However, other engine assembly oils are designed to dissolve in oil, and actually help oil ports stay clean to eliminate deposit formation under the valve covers and in the oil pan. This is why you need the best engine assembly lube on the market.

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Australia’s Greatest Range of Engine Assembly Lube

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