State-of-the-art fuel pressure regulators

To maintain a steady fuel supply, you need the best engineering possible when it comes to a regulator. We have the suitable options to ensure you are getting the best and most consistent flow possible.

When you put your vehicle in extreme conditions, there will be dramatic changes in the demand for fuel, and your regulator needs to be up to this task, which is why we have assembled the best options for those that demand peak performance.

What are the differences between high-performance regulators and cheaper options? Firstly, the higher-end options are likely to be larger, which means they can handle higher flow and pressure and still deliver the perfect ratio. These high-end regulators can also run a range of different fuels, including ethanol and methanol, making them ideal for a wide range of driving applications.

VPW stocks the best quality pressure regulators from leading manufacturers, and our range is available for shipping worldwide.

How do I know if my fuel pressure regulator is going bad?

These devices aren’t only crucial for those on the track looking for every gain possible, but they are also vital for every vehicle during their daily commute.

When your regulator begins to fail, you will experience everything from misfiring to significant decreases in power, efficiency and acceleration, which will cause issues no matter what kind of driving you are doing. It can also lead to leaks, which can cause premature damage to other engine components, and black smoke, which is terrible for the environment.

Over time, you will find damage to other parts of your engine as well, including black spark plugs from a build-up of contaminants, deceleration issues because of excess fuel, and ultimately a machine that won't start. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should have your entire system inspected by a qualified mechanic so you don’t risk significant damage to your engine.

Want more power? We offer a range of modifications that will deliver the gains you are after, including:

Fuel injectors: The latest innovations in electronically controlled injectors will deliver the precise amount of petrol for the best performance on the track, in the city or on the highway.

Fuel pumps: Positive displacement pumps that will accommodate constant use and high performance, while also giving quiet operation.

EFI systems: Get the most sophisticated management and high-pressure delivery from the most advanced EFI computer systems available on the market.

Water methanol injection kits: A modification that allows you to inject an atomised combination of water and methanol, reducing your air inlet temperatures and increasing the octane for improved performance.

VPW is an Australian-owned company providing the best-customised performance parts and accessories for a wide range of classic and modern vehicles. You get way more than just stock options when you shop with us.

On top of our massive range, we offer full support. Our team is standing by to help you get the most out of your ride.

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