Our Range of Street Tyres

Naturally, anyone who has spent considerable amounts of money on a car wants their vehicle to perform at its best regardless of the conditions. Investing in a set of high-performance street tyres will ensure you get the best ride at all times. No matter whether you are dealing with wet or dry road conditions, with the right tyres, your premium levels of grip are guaranteed.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car with some of the best street tyres, you’ve come to the right place. With names like Mickey Thompson, M&H and Metzler featured prominently within our product catalogue, you can guarantee you’ll get the best street performance tyres when you shop at VPW.

Be sure to check your manufacturer’s guide or speak to our in-store experts in order to choose the tyres most suitable for your particular vehicle. It is crucial to identify the right speed rating, size and load rate for your car before you start shopping for performance tyres.

Speed, Traction & More at VPW

However, it’s not just high-performance street tyres that we stock here at VPW. We actually have an extensive range of tyres, including street/strip hybrids so you can get a smooth ride whether you’re going to work or on the track. But if you’re looking for speed on the track, you need our drag racing slicks. They’re designed for maximum traction without compromising speed, handling or acceleration. Be sure to speak to one of our specialists to find out which tyres will help you get the quality ride that you are after.

What’s more, we stock a whole host of other automotive and motorcycle parts. So, whatever your latest project is, we’ve got the bits and pieces to help you get it on the road. From fuel pumps and air conditioning systems to exhaust components, VPW is always on hand to help keep your vehicle in tip-top condition and just the way you like it.

Why Shop With VPW

VPW is Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive and motorcycle parts supplier. By shopping with us, you’ll soon see why we are the country’s most trusted supplier and why our customers return time and time again.

We have an impressive catalogue featuring products from the best brands in the business. Being auto enthusiasts ourselves, we know that automotive projects don’t come cheap, which is why we’ve built relationships with the most reputable brands around to secure the most affordable prices. Plus, thanks to our global distribution network, we are able to source products from across the world and deliver them to your home.

The Best Deals on Street Tyres in Australia

If you value performance, make sure you shop street tyres at VPW today. We’re here to help make your dream automotive project a reality.

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