VPW’s Range of Engine Rocker Arms

Your car’s rocker arm’s is an imperative part of its engine. Without them, you’d be getting nowhere. That’s why it's important to make sure you've always got the best possible performance rocker arms inside your car. At VPW we sell a huge range of engine rockers and components to get your car the horsepower it deserves.

When to Get a New Rocker Arm?

No matter how well you treat your car, it’s inevitable that your rocker arms will be subjected to wear and tear over years of use and eventually need to be replaced. If you hear ticking or clanking from the cylinder head, then it may be time to have them replaced. Depending on the size of your engine you may need to replace several rocker arms to return your vehicle to proper working order.

Why Choose From Our Range?

If you want to improve your engine’s horsepower and performance then you’ll need the best possible engine rocker arms. These arms will ensure your camshaft operates at its best and ensures maximum air is taken into the engine and the exhaust is properly released.

We have rocker arms engineered specifically for high-performance street and race engines. They incorporate modern technological innovations and design features to create the most advanced rocker arms available. Further, they are proven to withstand extremely aggressive spring pressure and are built to outperform in accuracy and strength when compared to other rocker arms.

Plus, if your car engine is designed for them, we sell full rocker roller arms so you can take advantage of the full power of rocker roller arms.

Our Rocker Arm Components

We don’t only just offer the rocker arms though. We have a comprehensive range of rocker arm components so you can replace the parts as needed and ramp up your engine’s power.

You’ll Love VPW

At VPW, nothing is more important than the best products and the best customer service. We’ve been selling top-quality aftermarket auto parts since the 1980s, so we know what you need to increase your car’s performance. That’s why VPW can help you get those hard-to-find parts at affordable prices. When you need a new rocker arm, don’t waste time looking elsewhere, browse our range today.

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