Shop Quality Brake Proportioning Valves to Optimise Your Car's Braking Performance!

Installing specially designed proportioning valves for your brakes is crucial to ensure that your braking system performs at its best. Whether you’ve upgraded your brake system with plenty of accessories, or you’re just working with the standard system, a reliable brake proportional valve can do wonders for the entire system. And you can pick yours up at VPW!

When it comes to quality and price, we’re happy to say that VPW offers the best aftermarket brake proportioning valves to ensure your car’s brakes work efficiently and effectively, while suiting your driving style. You’ll find in our range of brake proportioning valves for sale a host of options to choose from, including adjustable brake proportioning valves like our knob style proportioning valves. And if you’re not sure what brake line proportioning valve would best work for you, our team can help you out.

What Comes Next After Getting Your Brake Line Proportioning Valves?

If you’re looking to make simple yet effective changes to your braking system, there’s plenty more you can do. In fact, the next step for many people is to replace their brake residual pressure valves. With our residual pressure valves, you can ensure that there is adequate pressure in the brake line to get a quick response from your brakes without brake drag to spoil your car’s performance. Like our brake proportional valves, these residual valves are made for performance, quality and value for money.

Shop Some of the Best Brake Proportioning Valves Around

You don’t need to spend a fortune to customise your car’s performance; not when you have access to VPW’s range of brake proportional valves. Explore our range today and find the valve that best suits your car and driving style.