New or replacement oil catch tanks

Your oil catch tank can help limit the amount of oil vapours recirculated into direct-injected engines. They are simply fitted onto the cam/crankcase ventilation system – and will help protect your intake manifold by preventing oil and other contaminants from building up, which can cause damage to your engine over time.

When the pistons go up and down as part of regular engine operation, this creates gas pressure. As this pressure builds up, it becomes harder and harder for the pistons to operate as they have to vent this gas. The older your engine gets, the more impact this will have on your pistons. This is where the catch comes into play – capturing the released gas to ease your pistons and crankcase.

These usually latch onto the hose that runs from the top of the crankcase to the intake manifold. This hose is responsible for easing pressure on the crankcase, but an unfortunate side effect is that contaminants can escape and reach the intake manifold. As these build up, they will impact your performance and fuel economy. Left unchecked over time, this can cause premature wear and tear on your car, leading to expensive repair jobs.

This is one of the most affordable and straightforward modifications that you can make to your vehicle. It will help you maintain performance over a more extended period.

Easy to install, these will keep your intake tract free of oil to ensure you are getting the most power out of your vehicle at any given time. They may not make cool sounds, come with LED lights or provide you with a performance hit – but they will ensure your vehicle lasts longer, performs consistently and requires less maintenance.

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VPW Australia stocks a wide range of oil catchers and breather tanks that will suit a wide range of makes and models of vehicles.

On top of this, we stock all of the automotive and motorcycle performance parts and replacements you need, including all of your oil management components like:

Oil filters: Another vital component to keep contaminants out of your engine. These pollutants are abrasive and will cause damage to your essential engine parts over time, so it is vital you routinely inspect and replace these filters.

Oil pans: As these are located under the vehicle, they can be prone to damage from street debris, which can have a severe impact on your vehicle’s operation. If you are noticing leaks under your car, this is a part that your mechanic should inspect.

Oil coolers: These help to maintain your oil quality over a more extended time – cooling it by as much as 30 per cent and allowing the engine to transfer heat to it.

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