High-Performance Aftermarket Ignition Leads in Australia

Are you driving with a worn-out ignition lead? Then, you better hurry and get a high-quality replacement. Damaged ignition leads can cause misfires, reduce acceleration and leak voltage. Here at VPW, we carry a wide selection of high-performance and durable ignition leads and other ignition products at great prices. You can quickly find the best fit for your vehicle without spending too much!

Why You Need Quality Ignition Leads?

Although an ignition lead may not increase your speed or engine power, it can adversely affect your car’s performance. This is because ignition leads distribute high voltage from the ignition coils to the spark plugs to start up your vehicle. Plus, engine temperatures can get very high. With ignition leads’ constant conducting voltage, you’ll need one that can withstand the heat and the stress for a long time.

Find the Best Aftermarket Ignition & Accessories

VPW is one of Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive parts suppliers, so you’ll find everything you need for your vehicle here! Discover a selection of high-performance ignition units, boxes and upgrades. We even feature models that can give you smoother starts and optimum performance for your custom car setup.

That’s not all, we also carry a comprehensive range of ignition coil accessories. For instance, our ignition coil brackets and bolts are lightweight yet ensure easy and secure installation. Our ignition coils are efficient, giving you high voltage for a quick start-up Lastly, our ignition lead looms help organise spark plug wires so you can easily maintain and identify issues while preventing crossfire.

Shop High-Quality Ignition Leads

Find the best aftermarket universal and custom ignition leads in Melbourne! Our ignition leads are made with high-quality materials and strict quality control to ensure efficient electric distribution and high-voltage protection for your engine. Plus, along with their superior quality, you’ll find our ignition lead prices are amazingly affordable! So shop our ignition leads now for a smooth-running vehicle!

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