Drag slicks and radials you can depend on

There is nothing like the sheer adrenaline that drag racing produces. When the growl turns into a roar, the most powerful vehicles on the planet explode to life, ripping up the straight and going from a standstill to 160km/hr in less than a second.

Extreme speed requires the highest quality tyres. You would not trust your life with anything less. VPW stocks the industry-leading standards from the most reputable manufacturers globally, suitable for local meets to international competition.

What is the difference between slicks and radials?

Drag racing isn't the exclusive domain of slicks and radials. These tyres are widely used for road racing and autocross, so different drivers will have their own requirements.

The primary purpose of slick tyres is to gain as much traction as possible. They are stickier, have a greater surface area touching the road, and are made from a softer compound than normal street tyres.

Note: For use on racing tracks only. These are not street legal, as they are a hazard on normal roads. Even the slightest amount of water would cause the vehicle to aquaplane, handling would be nearly impossible, and the soft construction would result in easy punctures.

Quality slicks will give you uncompromised traction on the drag circuit, and the lack of any tread will ensure maximum contact between the tyre and the road.

The key difference between these and radials is that radials do have tread, just not as much as street vehicles. (Note: Radials are only for use on tracks and circuits). Think of radials as a middle ground between street tyres and slicks, offering you improved traction while giving you the tread you need to maintain handling in road-racing conditions.

What are the best slicks for drag racing?

Technologies and innovations over the years mean that modern tyres have been engineered to deliver the ultimate in traction and performance. Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels are the clear industry standard and are used in the NHRA's top classes. Mickey Thompson products have been designed for modern turbocharged race machines and high-horsepower applications.

The VPW range of Micky Thompson is available in a variety of compounds and sizes. Their feature benefits include:

  • Specialised compounds to deliver maximum traction
  • Consistent performances

It is hard to look past the Goodyear Australia range and their specialised Eagle Dragway options in Australia. Goodyear is a leading tyre manufacturer relied on globally. Their range has been engineered to provide the traction required by the most powerful machines on the planet.

All your parts, components and accessories

VPW is your trusted distributor of everything you need to be successful over the quarter-mile. We stock the best products from leading suppliers, including:

  • Drag rims: Engineered from the highest-grade forged aluminium, lab optimised and rigorously tested for reliability and durability.
  • Fuel tank fittings: Every component you need for peak performance and safety.
  • Racing seat hardware: Sit safely in the saddle while you deliver new records on the track.

Our team is available to assist you with all your requirements. If you have any questions, give us a call on 1300 879 879.

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