Clutch Pedal Kits Your Vehicle Needs for Smooth Performance

The clutch pedal pad in your car is one of the most crucial components, and it is activated as soon as the engine is started. Your car's clutch is fundamental for converting engine power into motion and enabling you to change between gears effortlessly. It must be maintained to work effectively. It’s also one way that you can optimise your car’s performance.

You’ll find our clutch pedal kits include all of the major components you need, such as the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and release bearings, all of which can increase your vehicle's functionality. Our clutch pedal bushing kits will also save you money, because they are more cost-effective than purchasing all of the parts individually. All you need to do is pick the perfect assembly kit for your car from our great range.

Getting More From Your Car By Shifting the Clutch

Of course, if your clutch is already malfunctioning because of loose or damaged parts, you will instantly see a rise in performance after swapping in that new clutch pedal pad and kit. However, you can also upgrade your existing clutch pedal assembly with one of our kits for improved performance.

This is because we have clutch pedal kits that have been designed to be lightweight, delivering you that lift in performance and driving experience.

Similarly, with a quality clutch kit like ours, you can distribute more torque from your engine to the wheels. Plus, because these clutches are lightweight, the amount of energy required to overcome inertia is less.

Kit Out Your Car’s Clutch & Pedals Yourself

If you’re after a more advanced DIY challenge, or want to only replace a few parts of your pedal assembly, we have plenty of individual components for you to choose from. For example, our balance bars are made for maximum travel and adjustability. Speaking of balance bars, we even have reverse swing mount brake and clutch assemblies with balance bars. Alternatively, we have quality floor mount pedal assemblies.

Find Your Perfect Clutch Pedal Kit Now

Whether you’re looking for a simple fix or a fresh upgrade, you can trust the VPW range. Shop clutch pedal kits now.

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