Are Your Brakes Up to Scratch

As auto-enthusiasts and responsible road users, we are all aware of how crucial it is that our vehicle’s brakes are well-maintained for optimal driving performance and, most importantly, safety. This means looking after the entire brake system, including your car’s brake hoses.

Get to Know Your Brake Hoses

Now, when it comes to taking care of your vehicle’s brake system, there are a lot of small but undoubtedly essential components that you’ll need to keep in mind. Numerous components come together from brake cables to brake hoses to ensure the brakes on your car function at their best.

Made from either rubber or stainless steel, automotive brake hoses are the component that delivers braking force to your car’s brake pads via hydraulic pressure and brake fluid. In terms of maintenance, the key is to ensure that your brake hoses are flexible, so that you can steer and brake effectively.

VPW’s Range of Brake Hoses

When it comes time to do some maintenance on your car’s brake system and perhaps replace those brake hoses and fittings, you’re in luck because here at VPW stock an extensive range of custom brake hoses. You’ll easily find the correct item for your vehicle’s make and model.

Moreover, with reputable brand names such as Scott Drake Classic and Wilwood brake hoses, you can guarantee you’ll be getting a quality product when you shop with us. So, whether you are after a hydraulic brake hose or a rubber front brake hose, we’ll certainly have something that meets your needs.

For those new to the world of brakes, don’t worry if you’re unsure about the differences between the various brake hoses in our online collection. Our expert staff are always on hand to help you make the right choice.

Revitalise Every Part of Your Braking System

However, it isn’t just brake hoses and fittings that we stock here at VPW. We also offer auto enthusiasts an extensive range of parts to completely overhaul your brake system. From brake pads to complete brake kits, we have an array of top-notch products that will help keep your vehicle in excellent condition. For instance, our brake boosters will improve the performance of your brake, reducing the force you need to apply to the pedal. We also have brake hub assemblies that have been precisely machined to ensure a perfect fit every time. Finally, we stock a huge range of brake lines to improve responsiveness and do away with pedal sponginess.

Choose VPW Every Time

As Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive and motorcycle parts supplier, we strive to provide auto enthusiasts with an impressive catalogue of top-quality products from the best brands.

Additionally, we understand the costs involved in pursuing automotive projects. So, we’ve worked tirelessly with brand partners to find the most affordable products for our customers without ever compromising on quality. With high-end brands such as Proflow, Attitude, Street Pro Wheels and RTS featured in our extensive catalogue, our customers can rest assured they’ll get excellent quality every time they shop at VPW.

What’s more, we know that fixing a vehicle’s most crucial mechanisms, like the brake system, isn’t a task that can be delayed. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure your automotive products are speedily delivered to your doorstep.

Shop Automotive Brake Hoses Today!

When you’re looking for brake hoses, there’s only one place you need to go: VPW! Check out our awesome range and get a great deal now.

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