Hold Things Together With a Barbed Adaptor

A car can’t move without its engine, but the engine system is pretty lost without its hose and barb adaptor. While a hose sends fuel to the engine, the barbed adaptor is there to prevent leaks and ensure that different-sized parts can still fit together. Getting the right barb fittings to bridge the gap between hose ends and the engine system is essential for car functionality. At VPW, we have a wide range of barb fittings and adaptors to fit all different sizes of tubes and hoses.

Barbed Adaptors in Action

Barb adaptors are types of tube and hose fittings that join two differently sized hoses together. One end of the adaptor will feature a barbed design that grips onto the inside of the hose, while the other end will typically have a male or female barb fitting that can screw into the hose or engine. By using a barb adaptor, you can ensure a tight and secure connection between hoses and engines, preventing leaks and potential damage to your vehicle. Plus, they’re super easy to install and can be a quick fix for any hose connection issues you may encounter.

VPW Has the Barb Fitting You’re After

From brass barbed fittings to male barb fittings, VPW has the adaptor you need. While the engine enjoys the reputation of making the car go, it cannot run without hoses and barb adaptors, which respectively provide it with fuel and channel every last drop where it needs to go. At VPW, we are car experts who know which parts go where in what model. We are here to assist everyone from first-time car or motorbike owners to seasoned motor enthusiasts. Whatever car part you need, chances are we’ve sourced it or made it from scratch ourselves. Ask our expert team about the barbed adaptor — or whatever other car part — you need and we’ll go above and beyond to find it. Find your ultimate auto solution at VPW today!

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