Kit Out Your Auto Workshop

Be ready for any job with a complete set of workshop equipment from VPW! As a car enthusiast, you know that the right tools and equipment are essential for finishing a job properly and efficiently. Because they help you get any task done correctly, these tools save you time and energy, plus help you avoid making mistakes. You’ll find all the car workshop equipment you need at VPW, including even the most specialist tools, like thread cleaners.

A Complete Range of Workshop Equipment

Which car workshop supplies are you missing?

Air Tanks

Our lightweight aluminium tanks are portable, so it's easy to pump up your tyres, no matter the configuration of your workshop or garage. Built with corrosion-resistant materials, our welded tanks will not rust. Plus, you can guarantee our air tanks are robust, being pressure-tested to military specifications of up to 300 PSI.

Battery Boxes

Protect your battery from outside elements, including flammable substances, rain, heat and corrosive materials. Our range of sealed battery boxes come with rotational-moulded plastic cases resistant to battery acid.


We know that everyone has different tyre requirements, and that your requirements might change too, so we have more than 350 tyres for you to choose from to customise your car just the way you want it.

Why Choose VPW Australia?Get accurate measurements, such as tyre size, gear ratios, horsepower and engine displacement, with specialist calculators! These handy slide tools work out the relationship between things like:

  • E.T., M.P.H. and power to weight ratios
  • Tyre diameter to speed and gear ratio
  • Engine displacement to compression ratio
  • Horsepower measured at the flywheel

Engine & Thread Cleaning

Engine and thread cleaning chasers are designed to clean dirty fastener holes. They include the correct thread pitch and diameter for the most commonly used threads, and their 3-flute design offers added strength.

Engine Balancing Scales

Get the perfect balance for your internal engine components with our engine balancing scales. These balancing scales allow you to accurately and easily weigh pistons, rods, clutch weights and more for a well-functioning engine.

Fender Covers

Protect your fenders from bumps and scratches with our fender covers. These covers offer the highest degree of protection from impact and scratches while you fix your car. Our original Fender Gripper fender covers are made from reinforced foam padding, providing a superior grip to keep it in place. These also prevent your tools from sliding off, even at the most extreme angles, thereby avoiding any accidents. Plus, these covers are resistant to most petroleum-based chemicals, like motor oil, carb cleaner, brake fluid and antifreeze.

Cylinder Head Stands

Make cylinder head modifications and maintenance a breeze with our range of cylinder head stands. Designed to position and rotate the head as you need, they are a must-have for any serious engine builder.

Buy High-Quality Workshop Equipment

Complete your car workshop, thanks to VPW! As one of Australia's leading aftermarket auto products providers, we have a wide selection of top-rated car workshop equipment for sale.

Shop the best quality workshop equipment in Australia here and customise and fix up your vehicle in no time.

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