Upgrade Your Car With a Crate Engine

Does your car break down often? Look out for warning signs and get your vehicle checked, because your engine might be in trouble. However, the next time your engine fails you, why not get yourself a trusty crate engine from VPW? You’ll save plenty of time and money compared to assembling one yourself, and don’t forget the hassle of chasing up all the correct components. Built with turnkey engineering, crate engines are designed ready-to-use. Simply put, just pop it inside your hood compartment and have it configured! There's no hassle of assembling engine components.

Why Choose Crate Engines from VPW

Affordable Replacement Engine

If you want an increase in performance without spending too much, then we have a perfect product for you. Our crate engines are incredibly affordable compared to refurbishing your old car to get a better performing ride. With our crate engines, you can get a good amount of car power with a simple engine replacement for a reasonable cost.

No Complicated Construction Required

While others may find it exciting to build their own engine, it's not for everyone. Assembling one by yourself may also require you to spend more than you'll expect, as you'll be needing special tools to do it. Not to mention, you'll be needing some mechanical knowledge to confidently manage some of the processes and tools to build your engine. With crate engines, you'll only need simpler techniques and tools to get it in place and get everything running. And if you’re not confident, this will be a simple task for your mechanic!

Robust Construction

Expertly built by leading automotive parts manufacturers, such as GM Performance and Westcoast Engines, our crate engines are more durable than do-it-yourself assembly engine kits. You'll get your money's worth with all the many years it's going to last you.


Feel confident buying our crate engines! We offer great warranties, so you don't have to worry about unforeseen expenses. But, of course, this isn't easy to guarantee when you build or rebuild your engine. Hence, a lot of Australians prefer to buy crate engines, ready to drop in their vehicle of choice and go!

A Variety of Outstanding Features

The best crate engines come with more than generic, cookie-cutter features. With a wide variety of features and performance levels, you can choose from our extensive collection according to your needs and preferences.

Buy Crate Engines at VPW

Improve your vehicle's performance with our high-grade crate engines! VPW is one of Australia's leading aftermarket auto products providers. We have one of Australia’s widest selections of top-rated crate engines that will revive any car and improve its performance! So what are you waiting for? Get your crate engine now and see the difference in your vehicle's performance.

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