Engine blocks for the best power and performance

When you want the maximum power from your vehicle, a stock engine won’t cut it. You want all of the grunt that you can only get with larger block options. These engines are much larger and heavier than stock options and will be able to breathe more efficiently, giving your car a significant performance boost.

It is impressive how size does matter when it comes to what is under the hood. These blocks have larger bores and valves, longer strokes, and they deliver enormous power gains. 

The history of the big block

The concept first came up in the post-war era in the late 1950s when heavier passenger cars came into vogue. With bigger bodies and bigger payloads, these vehicles needed more grunt, so Chevrolet brought out a range of V8 motors with more significant displacement to meet these needs.

The side effect was that the motoring enthusiasts loved the extra power, and they quickly gravitated towards the big-block engines. Ford and Chrysler promptly brought out their own versions, and it all paved the way for the heyday of the American Muscle Car era in the 1960s and 70s.

People often claim small blocks have superior acceleration and handling due to their reduced weight. The bottom line, though, is that big blocks have far superior torque. The extra power can manage acceleration issues, and any perceived handling issues can be handled by the driver's skill behind the wheel.

We stock the best modern options on the market, suitable for classic muscle cars and late model performance vehicles.

We also have all of the individual parts and components you need for your engine, with a wide range of quality aftermarket options, including:

  • Cylinder heads: Whatever head you require as a replacement for your performance or project car, we have you covered with a wide variety of options for classic and late models of car. Choose the right motor displacement, compression ratio, gear size, and whatever performance modifications you require, then let our team find the right option for you. 
  • Gaskets: All of our gaskets feature high flexibility, weather resistance, and high performance in extreme heat, making them perfect for performance vehicles.
  • Pistons: Forget stock options or cheap and nasty versions. Our pistons are highly durable, include wear resistance and thermal expansion, and are perfect if you like to test your vehicle.
  • Dress-up kits: We supply everything you need to make your engine and components show-ready.
  • Crankshafts: As this is the primary moving part of your combustion engine, it comes under heavy duress. We have heavy-duty replacements available that won't let you down.

VPW has all of your performance parts housed here in one directory to make it simple for you to upgrade, repair or restore your vehicle. If there is anything you don't see here or you require customisation or personalised parts, speak to our team on 1300 879 879, and we will be sure to find a solution for you.

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