Get superior engine performance from one of the biggest names in the automotive world, Chevrolet! Chevrolet has been leading the automotive game and developing high-performance crate engines for over half a century. So when you buy a Chevy crate engine from us, you know you're buying expertise and passion in a product.

A Wide Range of Chevy High-Performance Crate Engines

Looking for Chevrolet crate engines for sale? Whether you need them to restore or upgrade your Chevy car, you'll find a comprehensive range of their crate engines here at VPW.

Chevy Block Crate Engines

Each Chevy block crate engine is a result of more than half a century of innovation, and unmatched expertise. As a result, these engines offer an uncompromising balance of design, durability, and power that will give your car an impressive boost in performance.

Chevy Small-Block Crate Engines

There's a reason why Chevrolet’s small-block made a massive impact in the automotive world more than six decades ago. Despite its size, these small-block engines give you impressive horsepower — and nobody knows how to build them better than Chevrolet and GM LS. Find a wide range of these iconic engines and more at VPW!

Discover High-Quality Crate Engines from the Top-Tier Brands in the World

VPW features a wide selection of top-rated crate engines that will restore any car and improve its performance! Along with Chevrolet, you'll find ones from other favourite car brands. For instance, we have an extensive range of Ford parts, including crate engines, if you’re a fan of this classic brand. If you’re more of a Mopar kind of guy, then you need to check out our Chrysler range. We've got a whole line-up of ready-to-install crate engines and more, offering something for every budget and project. So browse our range now; you'll definitely find what you're looking for!

Shop Chevrolet Crate Engines at VPW

Boost your vehicle's performance with one of the widest ranges of Chevy crate engines in Australia, here at VPW! VPW is one of the country's leading providers of aftermarket auto products. Our passion for cars drives us to work hard to deliver high-quality products and impressive performance. So get your Chevrolet crate engines here and see how you can improve your vehicle's performance.

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