Replace Your Thermostat Housing With a VPW Alternative!

Suspect a crack in your car’s thermostat housing? If you’re seeing leaks around the thermostat in your car, it could be because of a broken or cracked housing, a failed seal, or just the inability of your existing housing to handle the high temperatures your car is running at. Since your thermostat is an integral part of your car’s cooling system, keeping your engine from overheating, you need to get on top of this straight away.

Luckily, at VPW we have a range of thermostat housings to suit your car, including straight, swivel and 360º water necks from top brands like Proflow, Edelbrock and Moroso. Available in a range of sleek colours and all made from quality materials, VPW has the aftermarket answer to your problem.

Upgrade Your Car’s Cooling System Today

A worn-out thermostat in your car is an opportunity for you to get on top of your cooling system and upgrade it into something that better suits your car’s calibre of performance. At VPW, our quality cooling system products are all priced affordably so you can get the job done properly when it comes to modifying your car. so, if your radiator fan and components aren't keeping up with your pace, you can find a better option here. Similarly, if you’re wanting to keep that oil cool, you can rely on our fluid coolers and kits. Finally, our inline temperature sensor adaptors make it easy to ensure your car is kept at the optimal temperature as you race around the track or just drive home from work.

Customise & Modify Your Thermostat in Your Car Today

If your current car thermostat housing isn’t coping, there’s nothing better you can do to fix the problem than grab a quality option from VPW. With heaps of great products to choose from, you can trust you’ll get a thermostat housing to suit your needs. So, get yours today!