It’s pretty unnecessary to say how important brake systems are in your car. But it can’t be overstated that you need to know you’re getting superb-quality brake systems. At VPW, we have an extensive range of brake system parts for sale, including parts for electric vacuum pump brakes. Not to mention, we also have expert staff to help you find the right parts.


When you want effective and more readily activatable braking power, VPW has you covered. At VPW, we provide a range of brake boosters to meet your braking needs. Available in multiple diameters, in universal or direct fit single or dual-diaphragm designs, we have the brake boosters to best fit your car. We also have a variety of other brake system parts to complement your brake booster setup, including master cylinders and reservoirs. We have a range of brands, including our own Proflow, that are perfect for custom applications, and engineered for great performance and affordability.


Brake cables are a crucial part of any car brake system. VPW is the place to go for a huge range of ADR-approved brake cables for any part of your vehicle. Make sure only the best brake cables form part of your car’s brake system.


Get vastly greater brake pedal feel and feedback with VPW’s range of brake hoses. Flexible and manufactured to high-quality standards, our brake hoses have you covered for whatever and however you drive. Plus, our helpful team will make sure you get the brake hose you need to drive with confidence.


A key part of any car brake system, VPW has the brake pads you need for any situation. Whether it's for day-to-day driving or racing under track conditions, we can help you achieve unmatched braking performance. Be it replacements or conversions, we’ll get you the parts you need in the conditions you need it.


For a better automotive braking system, VPW stocks a comprehensive range of brake kits. VPW can help you get kits for any vehicle, purpose and personalisation, from simple street use to heavy duty and track conditions. With car brake system parts designed for whatever you need, be it added protection in harsh environments; wide temperature ranges; or against warping, distortion, and wear, VPW can help you find the parts you need.

Brake Systems You Can Trust

At VPW, we greatly value our customers. That’s why we always aim for high standards and quality in the products that we sell. With an extensive range of brake systems available to purchase online and staff with expert knowledge, we’re sure to help you track down those difficult to find brake system parts.

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