Explore High-Quality Aftermarket Rear Brake Caliper Kits

Explore High-Quality Aftermarket Rear Brake Caliper Kits For Motorbikes

If you’ve been busy upgrading your bike’s power and speed, you need to make sure a quality rear brake caliper kit is on the list. Although it's one of the less-known components of a brake system, high-quality brake calipers are required to complete the job if you want your motorcycle to stop moving when you press the brakes. With more powerful bikes, you need more advanced calipers.

Luckily, at VPW, we have a range of front and rear brake caliper tools and kits to choose from, including GP310 Front and Rear options. We also have a GP300 Front option for something a little different. Whatever you’re after though, you’ll find it at VPW.

Getting More Out of Your Rear Brake Caliper Kits

Don't worry if your motorcycle brakes are worn out or not functioning well. Replacing them with high-quality aftermarket brake caliper kits, like our GP310 Rear kit, can be a great idea. And to ensure that you are safe while riding your motorcycle, VPW offers a diversified range of everything brake calipers. We have quality caliper brackets to ensure that your brake caliper stays in proper position, even with the increased friction generated to help you stop. Plus, we’ve got o-ring kits that make it easy to swap out caliper piston seals as part of your regular bike maintenance to ensure it’s always performing at its best.

Change Things Up With Our Rear Brake Caliper Kits

Regular braking will eventually lead your brake calipers to deteriorate or even fail completely. But this is a great opportunity to replace them with our quality and affordable rear brake caliper kits for better performance! So, if you see that your rear brake calipers are on the way out, be sure to come to VPW!