Meet The Team


Sales Team Member & Resident Motorcycle Expert

A fully qualified light engine mechanic with Harley-Davidson Factory technical training, Alaina is our go to when it comes to motorcycles. With five years of technician experience and eight years at VPW - whether your passion is cars or motorcycles, Alaina’s got you covered.

Areas of Expertise: Harley-Davidson Wheels, Tyre & Accessory Fitment, General Automotive


Sales Team Member

Anthony’s desktop background is a screenshot of his favourite google review – so you know he takes pride in good customer service. Since joining the team in 2017 he has been providing our customers with a high level of service, whilst picking up an interest in Japanese imports and turbos.

Areas of Expertise: JDM Imports, EFI, Turbochargers & Forced Induction


Sales Team Member

Into drift and drag racing, as a member of the VPW team Jade fits right in. A qualified coach fabricator, he’s experienced with custom metal fabrication, paint work, and chassis modification. If you are undertaking a restoration Jade’s got you covered.

Areas of Expertise: Car Restorations, Custom Metal Fabrication, Engine Conversions, Chassis Modification, Falcon GT Specialist, Qualified Coach Fabricator


Sales Team Member

There isn’t much Nick hasn’t worked on when it comes to cars. Working hands on as a qualified motor mechanic, he has over 35 years of experience building cars and engines. With his broad knowledge of performance automotive - whether you’re looking to repair or modify, you’re in good hands if served by Nick.

Areas of Expertise: V8 Models, Brakes & Hydraulics, Fuel Systems, Electrical, Driveline, Wheels & Tyres, Repairs & Modification

Peter C

Sales Team Member

Peter has been working within the performance automotive industry for over 33 years. Recently returning to the VPW team, he is ready to once again draw on that experience to help you reach new heights for the performance of your vehicle. 

Areas of Expertise: V8 Engine Combinations, Aftermarket Wheel & Tyre Combinations, Various 9” Combinations & Parts, Fuel & Air Delivery


Sales Team Member

Santino comes from a performance automotive background, with a focus on LS engines. Keen to provide a high level of customer service, Santino will go above and beyond to make sure his customers leave happy.

Areas of Expertise: LS Engines, EFI, Fuel Systems, General Automotive