Shop Cat Back Exhaust Systems for Improved Vehicle Performance

A cat back exhaust system is one of the simplest methods to improve your vehicle's performance. A full cat back exhaust system reduces constraints, lowering back pressure and allowing exhaust gases to leave more readily, allowing more air and fuel to be pulled into the engine. Changing out your OEM exhaust for a considerably less restrictive one is frequently the first step in modifying any engine. Aside from improved horsepower, a new exhaust can reduce your car’s overall weight, increasing its performance even more.

When it comes to buying a cat back exhaust system, and anything car-related really, you’ve come to the right place. At VPW, we have a wide range of cat back exhaust systems and full performance exhaust systems. We even have exhaust piping and manifolds if you want to tweak your system some more. There's something for every vehicle and driver in our massive selection of quality and affordable exhaust components and exhaust systems.

Boost Your Car’s Performance With the Great Benefits of Our Full Cat-Back Exhaust System Range

A cat back exhaust system is an exhaust pipe improvement that upgrades engine airflow. While this may sound simple, you get two incredible advantages.

Enhanced Horsepower Without Needing a New Engine

A 10–20% power loss caused by an exhaust system might be the stumbling block between your car and its maximum potential. As a cat back system has a bigger diameter than a typical muffler, it allows for increased air movement. Plus, with a high-quality shaft, you get a smooth flow of air. All this contributes significantly to your car's horsepower and torque output.

Improved Fuel Economy

Another significant benefit of installing a cat back system on your car is increased fuel economy. Because the cat back exhaust system enhances airflow, the engine does not have to work as hard to remove exhaust gases. The lowered resistance reduces the stress on the engine, resulting in lower fuel usage. So, this is definitely something to factor in when you’re looking at cat back exhaust system prices!

Everything for Your Car’s Exhaust & More!

At VPW, we have an extensive exhaust and insulation range, including plenty of full cat back exhaust systems. We also have plenty of exhaust accessories if you just want to tinker with your current exhaust, rather than make a big change.

But our range doesn’t simply begin and end with exhaust systems. We have just about everything you could ever need if you’re looking to repair, upgrade or maintain your car. All you have to do is decide what you want!

Buy Your Cat Back Exhaust System Today

Ready to give your car some extra power and better performance? It’s time to shop cat back exhaust systems. Explore our range now!

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