High-Performance Battery Accessories Australia

When your car won’t start, your first instinct might be to get a new battery. Then, the unexpected expense can be frustrating. But sometimes, all your battery needs is a few replacement parts or battery accessories, plus a little bit of tinkering, to get it back up and running again.

In reality, your battery will eventually give out from continuous use, heat exposure and repeated charging and discharging. Nevertheless, you can significantly extend your battery life with proper maintenance. VPW offers a comprehensive range of car battery accessories to help you maintain a healthy 12V battery. Plus, we’ve got spares for when you need to replace broken parts and accessories to help support your car battery’s performance.

Prolong Your Battery’s Life with the Best Battery Accessories

We maintain a comprehensive line of battery accessories, so you’ll have everything you need to support your battery! From battery disconnect switches to car battery charger accessories, we have them here for you!

Battery Boxes

Ensure secure mounting and protection for your battery and electrical system with our battery boxes. Our battery boxes are highly durable, resistant to acid, gasoline, oil and other solvents. They are also rust-proof, heat-stable and UV protected, so they can surely withstand the stress from your battery.

Battery Connector Kits

Restore or increase your battery’s electrical power with our battery connector kits and cables. Our connector kits and cables are made to high-quality standards and with top materials to give you the best electrical performance.

Battery Disconnect Switches

Avoid electrical fires, battery malfunction and theft with our range of battery disconnect switches. Our reliable switches shut down your battery during maintenance and prevent excess drainage.

High-Performance Batteries & Chargers for Optimum Performance

As one of Australia’s top aftermarket automotive parts suppliers, we work hard to bring you a complete line of car parts and accessories. You can find everything your car needs here at VPW!

We have a wide selection of powerful, long-lasting batteries and chargers for high-quality service. Take a look at our D Series Audio Battery, for example. This battery range delivers outstanding performance to power your engine, stereo, lights, winch and other vehicle accessories.

Shop Durable, Reliable Battery Accessories

Discover premium aftermarket battery accessories at great prices here at VPW! You can guarantee our battery accessories are manufactured to strict standards and using high-quality components by the most trusted aftermarket brands. So buy our battery accessories now and power up your car’s battery!

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