Boost your system with exhaust headers

Headers are one of the simplest components you can purchase for an instant horsepower boost and to improve your vehicle’s emissions. VPW has the broadest range of exhaust headers in Australia, sourced from all the best manufacturers.

Having an engine clogged with fumes is not what you want when you want to get the most performance out of your car. These fumes become trapped in the manifold of stock vehicles, before travelling down a single pipe towards the catalytic converter to clean the emissions and the muffler. Under extreme conditions, these gases can back up and cause issues in your engine, including resistance against your pistons, which will slow you down. Over time, this is going to cause more wear and tear on your machine.

Car headers are designed to eliminate this problem by giving each cylinder an individual pipe. All gases and fumes can be removed instantly, arriving at the collector at the same rate for smooth and even emission control.

The benefits of stainless steel headers

It can be tempting to lean towards inferior materials due to the price point, but our range of stainless steel options will be much more durable and save you in the long run. They boast a superior resistance to high temperatures and are less likely to be impacted by corrosion and rust, so they will stand up to the extreme conditions that a performance vehicle encounters.

We stock complete engine headers as well as full kits and the full range of replacement accessories, including gaskets, cut outs, reducers and more, with options available like:

Catalytic converters: We live in a changing world where our emissions matter. These 'cats' break down fumes before they are pushed out the exhaust. These have been mandated in Australia since the 1980s. Modern cats are highly effective at breaking down fumes, which means less smoke, less smell and a better result for the environment.

Cat back systems: A simple modification that connects to your catalytic converter and handles all of your exhaust needs for optimal performance with minimal emissions.

Header flanges: Settling for stock or cheap options here can mean thin flanges that can distort or warp from the heat in your vehicle, leading to significant problems like leakages and engine damage.

Exhaust piping: We have options available for most makes and models. Each is forged from tough stainless steel to resist corrosion, heat and other elements that can impact your exhaust system.

When looking for industry-leading performance parts, look no further than our range. We stock everything across principal components and systems, wheels, rims and tyres, and all of the accessories and racewear that you need to be best on track.

Unsure which exhaust system is the best option for your ride and your needs? Our expert team is available around the clock to provide full support and guidance so you can get the most performance from your vehicle. Call us today on 1300 879 879.

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