The Stopping Power You Need

Get high-strength, low weight, and show-stopping appeal with our series of big brake rotor hats! With ingenious designs and crafted from premium-grade aluminium alloys, these rotor hats have a robust construction with little-to-no weight strain. Plus, they are reliable in harsh conditions. So whether you're in a daily heavy-duty or rare competitive environment, you can be confident they won't warp and cause any brake issues.

Our custom brake rotor hats are designed to allow maximum radial clearance between the caliper body and the hat — a crucial factor when squeezing a large calliper inside a tiny wheel. When you use these with their matching big brake rotor hardware, these hats can give you a solid mounting for a wide variety of custom and competition disc applications.

A Wide Range of Disc Brake Rotor Hats

Big Brake Hats

Our series of Big Brake Short Offset hats are carefully made from high-quality aluminium alloys with superior durability. The hats in this category feature threaded rotor mount holes, typically used with standard through-hole mount rotors. Use these with the matching rotor hardware kits, and you will get powerful, reliable performance in even the most demanding of conditions.

The Flared Bell Hats are typically used with 21.3cm (8.38 inches) and larger rotor mount bolt circles, while the offsets range from 4.78 to 7.62cm (1.88 to 3.00 inches) for rotor diameters 31cm (12.19 inches) and up. Lastly, Short Offset Hats are used for narrow space applications with offsets that are often less than 2.5cm (1.00 inch). These are available for most rotor bolt patterns in a variety of 4 and 5-lug wheel patterns.

Big Brake Dynamic Lug Drive

Our Big Brake Dynamic Lug Drive hats feature a new rotor mounting design that removes the rotor bolts, allowing the rotors to move independently of the hats as they expand and contract through heat cycles. This removes all thermally generated stress from the rotor attachment points. As a result, the rotors perform better, with smooth and consistent brake response and pedal feel.

Big Brake Dynamic Bobbin Mount Hat

The Dynamic Bobbin Mount Hats that we offer also feature a new rotor mounting system, which lets your rotors move freely from the hats through the heat cycles that cause them to expand and contract. Like the Big Brake Dynamic Lug Drive hats, the thermal-generated stress is no longer an issue. The hats are no longer distorted by the thermal expansion and shrinkage of the rotors.

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Find top-performing custom rotor hats here at VPW! We are proud to be one of Australia's leading and most trusted aftermarket auto parts suppliers. So get your rotor hats from us now and experience consistent and effective braking power!

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