Find High-Grade Automotive Fittings

Your vehicle is an engineering wonder. That's why each component is essential and serves a purpose. Tubes, hoses and fittings, in particular, are used throughout your vehicle to connect and regulate your car’s functions. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit your vehicle and ensure proper fit and placement.

As a leading aftermarket automotive parts supplier, VPW has an extensive range of high-quality automotive pipe fittings. You'll find what you need no matter what make and model your car. Made from high-grade materials, all our fittings are designed to withstand the harsh environment inside your vehicle for long-term use. We also have strict product quality standards to ensure all performance specifications are passed with flying colours.

Inverted Flare Fittings

Inverted flare fittings are most commonly used in hydraulic brakes, power steering, fuel lines, and transmission cooler lines. They're very reliable; not only are they inexpensive and reusable, but they also provide excellent vibration resistance. Because their seats and threads are also internal and protected, they provide a very secure seal.

AN Fittings

AN or Army/Navy fittings are to military standards set by the government to allow interchangeability and compatibility of components made by different manufacturers. An Army/Navy system uses a dash number assigned for each metal size tubing and its corresponding fittings, tubes and hoses.

Hose Barb Fittings

Beaded or barb fittings are hose-to-fitting connections, which consist of a pipe with a slight flare in it. These fittings are the most common connection types and are found on all vehicles. These fuel hose connectors are practical, generally affordable, effective, and do not require any special end fitting. The hoses just slide on and can be secured with a hose clamp.

Hose barb fittings are commonly used in fuel lines, coolant lines, PCV/Emissions hoses and radiator hoses. A high-pressure EFI rated fuel hose clamp should be utilised when using barb fittings and rubber hoses for fuel injection systems.

SAE Quick Connect

SAE quick connections are generally used on all modern OEM fuel systems. These fittings have no threads and just make use of o-rings and locks.

Push-Lock Hose Ends

Push-on hose fittings have a unique means to attach a hose-end to a rubber hose. They are designed to sustain low and medium pressure. They have various aggressive barbs that lock inside the hose to create a seal. These fittings are quick to connect and have high resistance to vibration damage. Thus, with the proper hose, you won't need clamps to connect.

Shop at VPW?

Not sure what kind of fitting you need? No problem! Our friendly automotive experts are here to help you with all your pipes, hoses and fittings problems. All VPW staff have the technical expertise to guide you in choosing the best fitting for your vehicle and budget.

VPW is a trusted and leading aftermarket auto supplier in Australia, with an extensive range of high-quality fittings at affordable prices. You’re guaranteed to find air-conditioning, brake system, hose-end, adaptors, power steering fittings and more. Shop automotive pipe fittings now and keep your car running safely and efficiently!

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