Shop High-Quality Motorcycle Aftermarket Final Drive Systems for Enhanced Performance!

Every motorbike uses a specific final drive system, including a shaft drive, chain drive or belt drive. These mechanisms move the rear wheel to keep the bike moving. The most common kind of system is a chain drive. It is pretty simple and works well on a variety of motorcycle models. Next comes the belt drive system. Motorcycle enthusiasts highly appreciate them due to their longevity and enhanced performance. Lastly, while shaft drives are less popular than belt and chain drives, they still work well on older motorcycles.

However, no matter what aftermarket final drive solution you’re after, from chains to a full belt drive kit you’ll have plenty to choose from at VPW. With some of the best-value final drives in Australia, VPW makes it easy for you to repair, replace and modify your bike’s final drive system and maximise engine performance!

Get Down & Dirty With Your Motorcycle’s Final Drive

If you’re looking to just replace specific parts of your final drive system, we can help too. For instance, to ensure that power can be sufficiently transferred through your chain drive system, we’ve got quality chains ready to go. Lubricated and designed to minimise stretching and elongation, these chains are ready to go the distance. Plus, we have plenty of chain sprockets too that are easy to install. Alternatively, if you’re working with a belt, our options are made to be slick and easy on pulleys with increased flexibility to reduce premature wear. Speaking of pulleys, our belt pulleys come in sleek chrome or black finishes and have precision gear cut teeth for max performance.

Do More With Your Final Drive System

Don’t settle for less when modifying or upgrading your final drive can give a serious bump to your bike’s performance. Shop final drive systems at VPW now.