Shop Top-Quality Surge Tanks to Eliminate Engine Starvation

Above almost all else, we need our vehicles to be functional and reliable; thankfully surge tanks are one of the crucial components of your car that ensures this reliability. As a part of your fuel and air system, a surge tank prevents starvation under low fuel conditions, including instances of hard braking, violent cornering and rapid acceleration. The surge tank ensures that your fuel tank gets the right amount of fuel required for a high power output. This makes them crucial for any performance vehicle.

Why Do You Need a Surge Tank Setup?

If your fuel supply suddenly fails, your engine is at serious risk of getting damaged. This is especially likely if you’re aiming for high-power outputs and high RPMs. Having a consistent level of fuel increases your ability to take full advantage of the power your engine has to offer, which is especially important if your car is often facing demanding conditions. If you participate in drag racing, drifting and track days, you should definitely invest in a surge tank. At VPW, we have universal surge tanks as well as those built specifically for brands such as Ford and Holden.

Even More Great Products for Your Car

Along with surge tanks, we have a wide range of car parts and components to improve your vehicle’s functioning. Check out our fuel and air system parts including fuel pumps, intake manifolds, and fuel rails. At VPW, we also provide the parts required for fuel and air system repairs and modifications to ensure your car doesn’t malfunction. A crucial part of this system, fuel injectors boost the horsepower of your vehicle while improving both its fuel consumption and driveability. You can also browse our collection of air filters, which prevent debris, contaminants and dirt from getting into the engine of your car. Air filters don’t just affect engine performance, but the operation of the vehicle itself.

Explore VPW’s Range of Surge Tanks Today

As Australia’s leading aftermarket supplier of automotive and motorcycle parts, you can trust VPW to provide the best possible products for your car. We represent the greatest brands in the automotive trade and make sure to secure the most affordable prices for you. Sound good? Browse our surge tank setups today and see for yourself!

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