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Make your motorcycle as safe as possible with VPW’s extensive selection of motorcycle rotors, whether you are an occasional rider or a professional racer. With ever-advancing technology and innovation, we offer the best motorcycle brake rotors in Australia. Our motorcycle brake rotors are made to last as they are made of high-quality carbon cast iron for improved thermal and mechanical endurance, even in high pressure situations with temperatures skyrocketing. Therefore, you don't have to choose generic inferior brands when upgrading or enhancing your bike’s brake system. Instead, we have an affordable collection of quality products ready to go.

So, when it comes to sourcing the best motorcycle rotors for your project, there’s only one place to go: VPW. Plus, that’s not all! We also have lots of other quality brake components to choose from, so you can really create a custom motorcycle brake system from the rotors to cables and fittings.

Is It Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Motorcycle Rotors?

Motorcycle brake rotors are among the most crucial components of your bike as they are an integral part of the braking system, which makes it possible for you to drive safely, whether you’re commuting or competing.

When you apply your brakes, the brake pads clamp down on the rotors, which slows your bike down. As you can imagine, a lot of heat and friction is generated during this process, and your rotors need to help dissipate this heat away from the brake pads and calipers in order to prevent overheating and brake fade. So, even with the toughest brake rotors around, you’re going to need to replace them eventually.

If you’re routinely feeling vibrations or pulsations through the handlebars or pedal when braking, there’s a grinding or squealing noise when you brake or you’re finding your bike doesn’t brake like it used to, it could mean your brake rotors are warped, uneven or worn out. Thankfully, you know where to find a replacement.

Go for a Full Brake System Overhaul

Chances are, if your motorcycle’s brake rotors need to be replaced, a few other parts of your brake system need to be switched out too. Luckily for you, you can get everything you need at VPW. For instance, if you’re seeing additional wear on your brake lines or want to set them up more neatly, grab some of our brake fittings. Plus, with regular driving, your brake light switch can wear out. But we’ve got plenty of replacements on hand.

Shop One of the Best Ranges of Motorcycle Brake Rotors in Australia

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