Is your engine tired and worn out? Is your cylinder head gasket busted from overheating? How about a high-quality replacement for your cylinder head from VPW?

Instead of waiting for weeks for a fixed cylinder head from your mechanic, why not opt for a high-quality cylinder head that's professionally built to fit with your vehicle's other components. The aftermarket cylinder heads we have for sale are durable, long-lasting, and ready to replace your busted one.

A Wide Range of High-Grade Cylinder Heads

We feature a wide range of top-rated cylinder heads suitable for a vast array of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

Cast iron is known for its durability. So when you have cast iron for a cylinder head, you know it is damage resistant and will last longer. Apart from being durable, cast iron cylinder heads are significantly cheaper than aluminium. The only drawback is that iron is heavier, which means it may increase your vehicle's weight and lower your fuel economy. However, you can balance this out by adding some extra oomph to your engine, for instance, with our accessory drives and pulleys range.

Aluminium Cylinder Head

Aluminium cylinders may not be as strong as cast iron, but they have some advantages that make them popular too. For starters, aluminium is significantly lighter and offers better fuel economy. Plus, it has three times better conductivity than iron. Hence, most air-cooled cylinder heads are made of aluminium. Also, aluminium cylinder heads can be easily ported to get even more bang for your buck!

Get the Aftermarket Parts You Need at VPW

Check out our extensive range of automotive aftermarket parts at VPW. Our company has long been a trusted and leading supplier of aftermarket automotive products. We've got all the components you need! For starters, keep things smooth with our balancers and dampers. Then, if you’ve switched out your mechanical fuel pump with an electric one, make sure you’ve got a block-off plate to protect your engine. Finally, shop for alternator brackets that handle high torque and vibration like a dream. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it at VPW.

Shop High-Quality Aftermarket Cylinder Heads Online

Find the best aftermarket cylinder heads in Australia here at VPW! As one of the most trusted suppliers of aftermarket auto products, our company works hard to give you an extensive selection of high-quality car parts and supplies!

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