Keep your car engine running smoothly with our range of top-rated engine oil and additives! Our line of engine oils and additives will keep your engine running at peak performance for a longer-lasting, healthier, and better-maintained car.

Engine Oils

Engine or motor oil lubricates your engine, reducing friction between its moving parts and ensuring long-lasting, optimal performance. As a result, it keeps all your engine’s parts from breaking or getting welded together, leading to smoother operation.

Additives can make a perfect formula to keep your engine’s well clean, cool, and well-lubricated for more efficient and long-lasting performance.

Engine Oil Additives

Car engine oil additives enhance the motor oil’s capability to boost your engine’s performance and longevity in many ways. At VPW, you’ll find a wide range of oil additives with various features and properties! Check out our many variants:

Viscosity Modifiers

Argued as the best oil additive, viscosity modifiers will keep your engine oil working in cold or hot weather! When the oil’s viscosity fluctuates too much, it will get too thin in hot temperatures and too thick in the cold, restricting its flow. Viscosity modifiers or viscosity index improvers (VII) will keep your engine oil within the appropriate range of viscosity, no matter what your engine’s temperature is.

Anti-Wear Additives

Increase your engine’s longevity with anti-wear additives! These engine oil lubricant additives coat every engine part and surface to protect them from wear and tear. With heat-activated ingredients that react with metal, the additive forms a thin layer that covers your engine components, reducing friction and preventing engine seizure.

You can also find engine oil leak additives. These renew worn seals in your engine to minimise the likelihood of engine leaks.

Corrosion & Rust Inhibitors

Corrosion and rust inhibitors safeguard your engine against chemical breakdowns by neutralising acids in your engine oil and slowing oxidation. These oil additives are typically composed of barium sulfonate and calcium that create barriers on the metal components to repel water, preventing rust and corrosion.


Detergents remove deposits from your engine parts to keep your engine running clean and preventing rusting. They are the best engine oil cleaner additives because they neutralise oil impurities and acids from oxidation. They also keep impurities and oil deposits soluble, which are crucial for preventing oil sludge.


Dispersants are great partners to detergents. They help prevent deposit and sludge build-up by suspending solid particles in your engine. Because they keep particles and impurities from settling on your engine’s metal components, these additives also make your engine easier to clean.


Prevent motor oil from foaming inside the engine with antifoamants. Without anti-foaming additives, your engine oil may create tiny air bubbles that result in oil pressure loss and cavitation. Antifoamants decrease the surface tension between air bubbles and engine oil, so they can pop and disappear quickly.

Shop the Best Engine Oil & Additives at VPW

Find a wide variety of high-quality car engine oil and additives at VPW! Whether you need engine protection from corrosion or to clean out the contaminants from your engine, we’ve got the motor oil and additives for you. Shop the best engine oils, cleaners and additives now for a healthier, longer-lasting engine!

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