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We frequently ignore minor yet crucial components of our motorbike, like the brake caliper bracket, while maintaining our motorbike. When your motorcycle breaks down unexpectedly, and the mechanic provides you with an extensive list of issues that need to be fixed, you learn about these tiny parts' importance. Your brake caliper bracket secures the brake calipers so they can function as effectively as possible. Therefore, your braking performance could deteriorate without a properly fitted brake caliper, resulting in unfortunate occurrences.

So, if your motorcycle's brake caliper brackets are damaged or loosely fitted, consider replacing them immediately. And when it comes to brake caliper brackets, look nowhere other than VPW. We have a diversified range of premium aftermarket caliper brackets, along with a variety of other braking components, like rear caliper kits, to help you upgrade, repair or modify your bike’s braking system. Moreover, our caliper brackets also come in a range of sizes. Therefore, you won't have to worry about its compatibility with your bike's brake calipers.

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Our brake caliper brackets are made to be universal and are compatible with a variety of motorcycle make and models. But we are not limited to that though. We also offer a variety of other brake components like brake calipers and O-ring kits to help you keep your motorcycle brakes performing at their best. So, whether you are repairing your motorbike or modifying it to get more out of your next ride, you can find whatever parts you need here at VPW. That includes brake calipers, caliper brackets and O-ring kits that are not only of the highest quality but are designed to last longer than most conventional motorcycle parts!

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VPW is your go-to for everything caliper brackets right through to motorcycle engines, tools and much more. All our products have been chosen for their incredible value, giving you the performance you’re after without burning a hole in a wallet. Plus, our huge product selection is only rivalled by our commitment to excellent customer service. From our online store that makes it easy to find just what you need to our friendly and experienced staff who can give you tips and recommendations, we’re excited to be a part of your next motorcycle project.

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