Power Up Your Steering With Tanks & Brackets

If you’re fitting power steering on your vehicle, you’re going to need a tank — and some brackets to affix them. Also known as a power steering reservoir, a power steering tank plays a critical role in the hydraulic system. Without this bad boy, there’d be nowhere to store the power steering fluid — the lifeblood of this system — that transmits the hydraulic pressure required to level up your steering game. If you want to turn corners with the sleekness of a sports steering wheel, there’s never been a better time to invest in power steering. Get started with an electric power steering kit from VPW!

Power Steering Fittings for an Easier Drive

From the power steering pump to the reservoir, the power steering hydraulic system consists of several steering components, each of which gives drivers the power to turn the wheel with ease! We all know there’s nothing more aggravating than trying to shift a stiff and stubborn wheel — so power steering is the sleek solution that ensures you’ll never need to grapple with that again. Like oil or joint fluid, power steering fluid is that stuff that seemingly lubricates the wheel and reduces the required effort to turn it around. The fluid springs forth from the power steering tank or reservoir thanks to the power steering pump, which pressurises the fluid to send it where it needs to go. Think of the pump as the heart of the hydraulic system.

Once the fluid has sprung forth in a pressurised state, it will circulate around the power steering system, which includes the steering rack or gearbox. This process assists in turning the car wheels as the driver turns the steering wheel. Once it’s done what it’s set out to do, the fluid will return to the power steering reservoir and remain there until it’s needed again. As you’ll know from inspecting our tanks, the reservoir contains a filter or screen that will capture any contaminants that the fluid picked up on its journey.

Get Started With the Right Electric Power Steering Kit

If you want to give your car the gift of power steering, you’ll need to get off on the right foot by selecting the correct power steering adapter fittings. We have many electric power steering kits to get you started with fitting power steering for your vehicle. Many of our kits contain power steering pumps, as well as most components you’ll need, such as steering or mounting brackets to hold everything together. VPW is a tinkerer’s dream, and we’ve got all the power steering adapter fittings you could need to set up this system in your car.

The Power’s in Your Hands

If you’ve got power steering, the power’s quite literally in your hands. If your car could use a power-up — and if you’re keen to pull out the ol’ toolbox — our power steering tanks and brackets are your ticket to a smoother ride! Explore our range of power steering reservoirs and electric power steering kits until you find the fit for your vehicle. Or, if you’re feeling spoilt for choice, you can always reach out to our team of auto-enthusiasts who — much like your steering wheel — will set you in the right direction! Watch your ‘rope burn’ and friction blisters heal as you relinquish ‘roughing it’ with a stubborn steering wheel and embrace streamlined steering, the way it should be.