Get Supreme Protection with Racing Suits

Getting ready for a race? You can never be prepared without the proper attire. Luckily, VPW offers a selection of racing suits to keep you comfortable and protected while you focus on the finish line. Our suits offer fire protection, and are lightweight and comfortable to keep you protected and in the zone.

Why You Need A Racing Suit?

A racing suit is crucial for fire protection. In a field of sport where high speeds are paired with combustible liquids, you ought to wear something for protection. This is where racing suits and racewear become crucial. Car racing suits are designed to give you fire protection in case an accident happens in this daring sport.

Guaranteed Fire Protection

Each racing suit and jacket is SFI (SFI Foundation) certified, so you can rest assured they will provide you with effective fire protection. SFI ratings are given after conducting several tests on racing suits for fire-retardant capabilities and Thermal Protective Performance (TPP). The standard specification for racing suits is 3.2A or 3.2A/1. Meanwhile, you'll find outstanding fire-proof capabilities with 3.2A/3 and 3.2A/5 ratings. The higher the last digit is, the longer your race suit can protect you from the flames. At VPW, you’ll find our racing suits are 3.2A or 3.2A/1 at least to keep you safe as you race.

Complete Your Racewear at VPW

Discover a wide selection of high-performance racewear at VPW! We've got soft and comfortable racing undergarments for extra fire protection. Our racing gloves give you better control over your steering wheel. At the same time, our racing footwear helps you feel the pedals and get a better grip. Plus, if you’re a motorbike fan too, we have motorcycle racing suits that are abrasion-resistant. We've also got heavy-duty gear bags to keep everything you need all in one convenient place.

You can find everything automotive you need at VPW! We are a trusted supplier of quality automotive aftermarket products, so whether you need replacement parts or racewear, you can get them at VPW without fail.

Shop High-Quality Racing Suits Australia

Find comfortable, reliable car racing suits for sale here at VPW! Our suits are made for maximum heat and flame protection and are SFI certified, designed and tested to meet specific safety requirements. So shop our racing suits now, so you can be protected while enjoying the adrenaline of your next race.

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